Society Rules


THE BUNKER BOYS @ The Sports Lounge
  1. Relief can only be taken from Ants and other stinging insects if they constitute a dangerous situation. Agreement must be obtained from a marker. Relief cannot improve a lie, line of sight or avoid other obstacles.
  1. Drop zones will not be used except for: The 1st hole on the Mountain Course at Laem Chabang, hole A8 at Pattana, hole 9 at Parichat and the 14th hole at Pleasant Valley. In each case the Ladies Tee maybe used.
  1. Relief must be taken from staked trees and young trees (not bushes) less than 2 metres in height and from regularly maintained, cultivated flower beds.
  1. In the interests of saving time a provisional ball may be played at any time (unless availing of option under point 11 below). If the original ball is found the player must continue with the original ball.
  1. Where Penalty Areas (water hazards) are not clearly marked, they should be treated as having red stakes allowing lateral relief. The break of slope or edge of mown area should be taken as the margin.
  1. Washed out areas, areas of excessive water damage and obviously abnormal ground conditions may be treated as Ground Under Repair subject to agreement of the marker. Under Rule 16.1c Free relief may be taken from Human damage (footprints etc) in Bunkers. A ball can be dropped at the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole in the Bunker (This does not apply to lines left by mechanical rakes or damage caused by the player them self)
  1. Rule 6-8, A player may discontinue play and take shelter during heavy rainstorms as well as danger from lightning.
  1. Edging grooves around greens maybe treated as GUR


  1. It is the players responsibility to ensure that Bunkers are properly repaired after playing from them.
  1. The USPGA suggested Local Rule for stroke and distance relief for Balls Lost or Out of Bounds can be used. Where a ball is lost or out of bounds instead of playing a provisional ball a ball may be dropped behind a line equidistant to the hole from the position where the ball is lost or goes out of bounds and a point two club lengths onto the nearest part of the fairway.