Oct 232021
Monday, October 18th
Khao Kheow A & C.
1st Niall Glover (15) 32 points
2nd Kevin LeBar (14) 32 points
3rd Kob Glover (24) 31 points
4th Geoff Atwell (23) 31 points
Near pins Steve Durey, Geoff Atwell, & Kevin LeBar.
Pattaya enjoyed/endured a complete weekend of rain from Friday evening to early Monday morning. Even as we travelled to Khao Kheow the sky was heavy and overcast. Once again our weather guru Geoff Parker came to the rescue with a bold prediction of no rain and as it turned out he was right again. At one stage it became hot and sunny before clouding over again, nevertheless we stayed dry. We were allocated the A & C nines which we had to ourselves with no other golfers seen all day, doesn’t bode well for a course that intends to implement high season pricing from next month, today’s all in price of nine hundred and fifty baht was good value.
The course was remarkably dry given how much rain fell, nevertheless we have to implement the pick, clean, and place rule, there was absolutely no run on the fairways today. Khao Kheow was not up to the standard we have come to expect, tee boxes were shabby, and the greens were disappointing to say the least, many were bumpy and in need of remediation if they hope to have any players when the prices rise.
A countback was required to settle all the placing with Niall Glover edging out Kevin LeBar for first and second, whilst Kob Glover also took third from Geoff Atwell. None of the scores were particularly remarkable as was the expectation at the start of play. Shot of the day went to Jay Babin who on the eight par five came within a whisker of an eagle which would have given him a three for six, as it was four for five was an excellent result, could be his handicap needs some scrutiny. Three near pins going to Steve Durey, Geoff Atwell, and Kevin LeBar. The Bunker Boys split up for the rest of the week with one group going to Kabin Buri and those that stayed at home playing Chee Chan on Wednesday, and Rolling Hills on Thursday, a first for most of the Bunker Boys.
Wednesday, October 20th
Chee Chan White tees.
1st Mark On (7) 35 points
2nd Geoff Atwell (23) 34 points
3rd Les Cobban (8) 33 points
Near pins Les Cobban, Tony Plummer, & Michael Brett X 2.
Eight Bunker Boys enjoyed a real treat with a game at Chee Chan, a first for most of the group. A curious day weatherwise with a dull haze persisting all day but with no rain. The course was remarkably dry given recent rain, so much so that carts were allowed on the fairways. An all-in fee of two thousand eight hundred baht was the price to pay today, a rate that’s about to rise next month so it may be some time before we return, nevertheless everyone in attendance enjoyed the course.
Given it was the first visit for most, scores were acceptable, although most found the four hundred yard plus par fours a handful. Best of the day went to  Mark On with thirty-five points, Geoff Atwell was one adrift in second place whilst Les Cobban brought up the rear with thirty-three. All the near pins were taken with Tony Plummer and Les Cobban getting one each and Michael Brett taking two.
In Kabin Buri most of the Bunker Boys returned modest scores with only Jay Babin in form with thirty-eight points. Tony Robbins second with thirty-three whilst Bob Innes and Niall Glover both had thirty-one points,
Thursday, October 21st
Rolling Hills
For the second day in a row the Bunker Boys that didn’t go to Kabin Buri enjoyed another treat with a game at Rolling Hills with favourable all-in fees courtesy of Mark On. This is a course that needs to have been played a few times before the enjoyment sets in. More than most courses it is important to get your drive into the right area on the fairway otherwise the second shot becomes very difficult. In addition the greens are very tricky with subtle slopes and gradients that are hard to read, curiouslt some down hill puts were remarkably slow. Being the host Mark knew the course best and took the honours albeit with a modest score. Jimmy Carr took second and Michael Brett third, Les Cobban had a day best forgotten, most unusual for him, but that’s the challenge of golf.
In Kabin Buri Steve Durey was the best of the bunch with thirty-five points ahead of Tony Robbins on thirty-three and Niall Glover on thirty-two
Friday, October 22nd
Burapha C & D.
1st Geoff Parker (20) 39 points
2nd JimmyCarr (18) 33 points
3rd Michael Brett (13) 32 points
Near pins Geoff Parker, & Michael Brett
A very busy week of golf for the Bunker Boys culminated with a round at  Burapha. The course played host to the All Thailand Open tournament featuring some of Thailand’s best professionals which was being played on the A & B nines so naturally we were allocated the C & D. Due to the work put into the A & B nines to prepare for the tournament the C& D nines had been neglected. Apart from that heavy overnight rain in the area made the course damp underfoot, but the biggest problem was the bunkers, some were flooded and others had all the sand washed down to the bottom leaving ruts and unplayable areas.
Despite sleepless nights with embarrassment  as a result of his twenty handicap Geoff Parker put all that aside today to produce an excellent round of thirty-nine points to take first place, could we now see him return to a more sensible handicap?.  A full six strokes back Jimmy Carr took second with Michael Brett rounding out the top three with thirty-two. Only two near pins were taken by Geoff & Michael. Next week we return to more mundane courses except for Wednesday when we make a return to St Andrews.
Geoff Parker, winner at Burapa
Mark On, winner at Chee Chan & Rolling Hills
Jay Babin had a good few days at KBSC.

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