Dec 042021

Monday, November 29th
1st Michael Brett (15) 36 points
2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 33 points
3rd Geoff Parker (20) 33 points.
Near pins Paul Smith, Steve Durey, & Michael Brett.
The last game of November was played in very difficult conditions at the Parichat course where once again we played Stableford instead of the regular monthly rainbow competition. A most unpleasant day for golf, the sky was grey and overcast, with an everpresent threat of rain, the wind was howling particularly on the front nine, the greens were lightning-quick, all of which contributed to a very trying day. As the course is so open and treeless the wind had a much greater effect than it might have had at another course. Speed of play was excellent with most of the groups finishing in good time, the lead three-ball was back in the clubhouse by two o’clock.
Despite a poor finish with two one-pointers, Michael Brett managed to secure top position with thirty-six points. Jimmy Carr and Geoff Parker both finished on thirty-three in second and third respectively. Three near pins went to Paul Smith, Steve Durey, and Michael Brett with one delinquent.
As expected Jimmy Carr who showed consistently good form all month took out the golfer of the month trophy with some distance to second place. This was Jimmy’s second golfer of the month win this year, can he make it three?. Given his current run of good form, it would be foolhardy to bet against it.

Wednesday, December 1st
Pattaya Country Club
1st Nik Evans (12) 38 points
2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 36 points
3rd Bob Innes (30) 36 points
4th Steve Durey (20) 35 points
Near pins Danny Evans, Steve Durey, & Paul Smith X 2.
The biggest turnout for about eighteen months for our first game of December at Pattaya Country Club including Mike Lloyd playing his second game and Daryl Vernon his first. It seems like the rainy season has been replaced with a windy season, it was blowing again today, sometimes quite strongly, and rarely seemed to be in an advantageous direction.
Those familiar with this country know it’s often referred to as “Amazing Thailand” and today we got a first-hand example of why. We were assured yesterday that we could purchase seniors cards on the day for five hundred baht which guaranteed us an all-in fee of twelve hundred and fifty baht till the end of October next year. In the intervening twenty-four hours, the cost of senior cards doubled in price, needless to say, this news went down like a lead balloon. After much argument and the threat of a walkout of nineteen players common sense finally prevailed. Thereafter it was much like getting a certificate of entry to the country with passport or driver’s license required, paperwork to be filled out, and photos to be taken before we could proceed to play, not the kind of start that puts one in the correct frame of mind for golf.
The pace of play was slow such that a group of locals was able to jump in between our first three-ball and the second group. Slow play is a curse on golf and something that needs to be eradicated. Some would argue that golf is not a race, neither is it a game of chess. Slow play upsets many people’s rhythm and concentration and results in low scoring. Today’s winner Nik Evans was unaffected and produced a display of controlled disciplined golf to amass a score of thirty-eight points, an excellent score in the conditions. Jimmy Carr is still continuing in a rich vein of form and took second place with thirty-six points, surely now we will see his handicap come down to a level more befitting his ability. Bob Innes took third place also on thirty-six and Steve Durey took fourth place one stroke adrift. A total of seven players were locked together on thirty-four points. All the near pins were taken with Steve Durey and Danny Evans taking one each with Paul Smith taking two.

Friday, December 3rd
Pleasant Valley.
1st Steve Durey (20) 43 points
2nd Alan Sullivan (12) 35 points
3rd Colin Greig (14) 34 points
4th Geoff Parker (20) 34 points
5th Paul Smith (2) 34 points
Near pins Greg Berry, Dave Ashman, Mike Lloyd, & Mark On.
Another new arrival today, John Hughes, and a couple more expected next week making for what looks like a more normal high season. Pleasant Valley was the venue where again a field of nineteen showed up to play. This is a course that polarises opinions, most like the ambiance and friendliness of the place with superior caddies, others detest the course and would be happy to never play there again. It’s hard to satisfy all the people all the time, so sometimes concessions have to be made.
Another slow round today as we had another society out directly in front of us, still it was better than Wednesday’s extremely slow game. The course was surprisingly dry and is starting to go brown in some areas, something we haven’t seen for a long time. A couple of greens were particularly shabby and had some remedial work done which still shows, the bunkers for the most part were disappointing, nothing a good raking wouldn’t fix.
Today’s winner Steve Durey produced an exceptional round with a score of forty-
three points, surely his handicap must now come down to a more respectable level. Another Westham United supporter Alan Sullivan in a rare visit to the Bunker shot a steady round of thirty-five to take second place. Colin Greig, Geoff Parker, and Paul Smith finished in that order on countback with thirty-four points. Bob Innes and Mike Lloyd both had strong front nines, only to fade out of contention on the back. All the near pins were taken today with Dave Ashman taking one particularly good one, Mark On, Greg Berry, and Mike Lloyd taking the other three. The week ended on a high note with the news that as of today restaurants are allowed to serve alcohol, no doubt many will be slaking their thirst into the night, a long time coming.

November Golfer of the Month Jimmy Carr

Winner at Pattaya Country Club Nik Evans.

Big winner Steve Durey.

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