Nov 192021
Monday, November 15th
1st Mashi Kaneta (19) 38 points
2nd Geoff Parker (20) 36 points
3rd Kob Glover (24) 35 points
4th Neil Harvey (😎 35 points
Near pins Jimmy Carr & Paul Smith X 2.
Despite missing a couple of regulars today we equalled our biggest field of the year with seventeen in attendance. The course was in remarkably good condition despite recent rain but some of the greens were not up to the standard we expect at Greenvalley. We were informed that the greens at St Andrew’s were much worse so our booking for later in the month was canceled and instead we make a return to Chee Chan. An all-in fee of eleven hundred and fifty baht was decent value in what is normally high season.
Making another of his rare appearances at the Bunker Boys Mashi Kaneta took the honors today with a fine score of thirty-eight points. Continuing on with his recent good form Geoff Parker took second place with thirty-six points, how much longer can his twenty handicap last?. Another in good form in recent games Kob Glover took third place with thirty-five beating Neil Harvey into fourth on countback. Jimmy Carr got his usual near pin with the newly arrived Paul Smith taking two.
About two weeks ago we were celebrating the end of monsoon season and the prospect of months of rain-free golf. Whilst we were lucky today and got through dry, the rain came tumbling down shortly after we finished. It’s been a long wetter than usual monsoon season this year and it seems we are not done with it yet.
Wednesday, November 17th.
Greenwood. B & C
1st Jay Babin (20) 36 points
2nd Geoff Parker (20) 34 points
3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 33 points
Near pins. Kevin LeBar, Jay Babin, & Paul Smith
The Greenwood course was a little soft underfoot for today’s game with mudballs common, otherwise, it was nice as usual. With it being soft underfoot there was absolutely no run on the fairways today so the course played long. We would be remiss without a mention of the greenkeeper who must have had a bad night as the pin placements were amongst the most challenging we have seen for some time, there was hardly one flag on a flat piece of green. As a result, only one player covered himself in glory, with all the low handicap players playing below their best.
The day was hot and sunny, in fact by the end of play it became uncomfortably hot. A nice cool breeze would have been very welcome.
Jay Babin was the man in the driving seat today taking first place with thirty-six points, a very good score under the circumstances, no five puts today. Geoff Parker was again steady in second place with thirty-four points with Jimmy Carr bringing up the rear a stroke adrift. For the second game in a row, Paul Smith got two near pins, very consistent from him with Jay Babin and Kevin LeBar taking one each. As is most often the case Kevin somehow managed to get the cutest caddie, no wonder people like playing in his fourball.
Friday, November 19th
Treasure Hill
1st Tony Robbins (24) 34 points
2nd Bob Innes (31) 33 points
3rd Geoff Atwell (22) 33 points
Near pins Dave Ashman, Steve Durey, & Michael Brett.
Treasure Hill was the venue for the last game of the week. This is a course that is never in any danger of being called a classic layout with trees in all sorts of inappropriate places, consequently, it plays difficult with low scores the norm as was the case again today.
A lucky escape weatherwise with a downpour just after we finished play much the same as happened on Monday. Despite recent rain, the playing surface was excellent, the weather warm and sunny so no excuses apart from all the trees.
Tony Robbins took the honors today with a modest thirty-four, it’s very rare anyone posts a high score at this course. Four players finished on thirty-three with Bob Innes and Geoff Atwell taking the chocolates on countback in that order, with Les Cobban and Kevin LeBar missing out. Once again the high handicappers were the ones to claim the prizes. Three near pins were taken going to Dave Ashman, Steve Durey & Michael Brett. Remarkably Dave Ashman’s ball just crept onto the green by a whisker but a very long way from the pin.

We offer our


to Bob Innes who on Wednesday did the dastardly deed and tied the knot, we wish him and his new bride a long and happy life together.


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