May 262021
Monday, May 17th
Pleasant Valley
1st Kob Glover (26) 38 points
2nd Niall Glover (21) 34 points
3rd Roger Awad (20) 34 points
Near pins Geoff Parker, Tony Robbins, Niall Glover, & Jimmy Carr.
A bright sunny day for the first game of the week at Pleasant Valley where we had the course virtually to ourselves. As the round progressed some big groups of six or more followed us around, luckily not ahead of us.
As we set off on the front nine the temperature was high and the humidity even higher. On the closing holes of the front nine, the rain appeared on the mountains directly facing the clubhouse but we were optimistic it wouldn’t be a problem as the wind was blowing in the direction of the rain and the caddies were confident it would pass behind the mountains. By the time we completed the front nine the optimism faded as the rain came lashing down and stayed for about an hour. Greens and fairways were flooded but as the rain cleared the floods faded away and we were able to resume play. As we approached the end of play, the sun was shining brightly again and the humidity back to extreme so those with carts were very happy .
Some excellent scoring again today as well as some best forgotten. The most unusual round came from Roger Awad who took third place with thirty-four points in a round that contained two birdies and five wipes. In a commentary on his round later, Roger explained that he followed his first birdie with consecutive wipes and his second birdie with three consecutive wipes so he vowed to avoid birdies in the future as they bring him bad luck. One wonders what his thinking process will be when he next has a birdie opportunity, quite a dilemma!. Edging out Roger into third place on countback Niall Glover found his name in the winner’s list taking second place also with thirty-four. The big winner on the day was Kob Glover with an excellent thirty-eight points, her second thirty-eight within a week, no doubt her handicap needs a serious look.  All the near pins were taken with one each to Geoff Parker, Tony Robbins, Niall Glover, and Jimmy Carr.
Apart from the winners, the course proved difficult for most, none more so than our lead three-ball who between them had lost twenty balls between them over the course of the round. Another common feature of the round was the number of holes wiped, too many to mention, perhaps just one of those days.
Wednesday, May 19th
Laem Chabang B & C.
1st Steve Durey (21) 44 points
2nd Myles Knowlson (11) 38 points
3rd Tony Robbins (21) 38 points
Near pins Peter Kelly, Tony Robbins, Myles Knowlson, & Michael Brett.
Despite the high all-in fee of nineteen hundred baht a very decent field of fourteen rolled up for the midweek game at Laem Chabang, our first visit this year. We were allocated the B & C nines both of which were as expected in pristine condition. The weather was hot and humid again with rain not far away accompanied as usual by thunder and lightning, luckily it passed by far enough away for us not to be affected and we all finished dry, apart from a large amount of perspiration, just ask Peter Kelly. Something one might not expect from a course of this standard, a golf cart died after just three holes and had to be replaced which was achieved very quickly so no delay ensued.
Despite the difficulty of the course scoring was of a very high standard. Having won golfer of the month in March and being in somewhat of a slump since then Steve Durey announced his return to top form today with a remarkable score of forty-four points to take first place. Likewise February golfer of the month Tony Robbins also returned to his best today with a fine thirty-eight point to take third place having been beaten on countback by Myles Knowlson. All the near pins were taken with one each going to Myles, Tony, Peter Kelly, and Michael Brett The general consensus was that the course was so good and enjoyable we should make a return visit before normal pricing returns, in the current circumstances that should give us plenty time. If we do return it’s unlikely Geoff Parker will partake of an iced coffee which today cost him in excess of one hundred and forty baht ouch!!!.
Friday, May 21st
Crystal Bay C & A
1st Michael Brett (40) points
2nd Jay Babin (22) 38 points
3rd Tony Robbins (21) 33 points
Near pins Dave Ashman, Tony Robbins, & Michael Brett X 2
Yet another day this week where we escaped the rain although somewhere in the distance got a serious drenching. The Crystal Bay course was in great condition particularly the fairways. The greens were a tad slow for some people’s liking, but the bunkers were a shambles with hard-packed sand and grass and weeds in many areas. A hot day again with only a hint of a breeze, not enough to cool things down.
Similar to Monday in terms of scoring with a couple of good efforts and the rest best forgotten which was surprising as overall scoring is on the high side at this course. Tony Robbins set out in fine form with eighteen on the front nine only to fade away on the back to take third place with thirty-three points. Jay Babin had another of his increasingly regular good days with thirty-eight points to take second place. The winner on the day was Michael Brett with forty points, he also managed to snag two near pins with one each going to Dave Ashman and Tony Robbins. Having excelled with every facet of his game on Wednesday at Laem Chabang Steve Durey had one of those days when he forgot how to put and finished down the field.
Kob Glover, the big winner at Pleasant Valley.
Steve Durey made Laem Chabang look easy with forty-four points

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