Jun 122022
Monday, June 6th
Greenwood C & A.
1st Jay Babin (22) 36 points
2nd Niall Glover (13) 33 points
3rd Kob Glover (19) 32 points
Near pins Jimmy Carr & kob Glover X 2.
Millionaire golf today at Greenwood where we had the course virtually to ourselves at very favourable rates, nine fifty walking or twelve fifty all-in. Greenwood is a course favoured by most and today it was in sparkling condition if slightly wet underfoot due to heavy overnight rain. The greens had been sanded recently and were a tad slippery.
A reasonable field of fourteen for this time of year so with nobody else on the course we enjoyed a speedy round. Scoring was very modest by Greenwood’s standard with only Jay Babin putting in a decent show with a winning score of thirty-six points. A family affair for second and third with the Glovers taking both, Niall coming out on top this time, however, Kob got some revenge taking two near pins with Jimmy Carr taking one other with one remaining flag going to a very worthy cause, the delinquent fund.
Wednesday, June 8th
St Andrews
1st Mashie Kaneta ((15) 35 points
2nd Niall Glover (12) 33 points
3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 32 points
4th Craig Dows (5) 32 points
Near pins Niall Glover, Jay Babin, & Graeme Mullins X 2.
A very respectable field of eighteen for today’s game at St Andrew’s, as has been said many times a good course will draw out a good number to play. The course was in splendid condition again although some did remark that they found the greens were a tad slow.
As always the course was a challenge with nobody really coming to terms with it so scores were low. In another rare visit, Mashi Kaneta did a smash and grab taking first place with thirty-five points. The ever-consistent Niall Glover took second with thirty-three points with Jimmy Carr and Craig Dows tied on thirty-two points. All the near pins were taken with one each to Niall Glover and Jay Babin with Graeme Mullins taking two.
Friday, June 10th
1st Niall Glover (12) 37 points
2nd Bob Innes (24) 34 points
3rd David Byford (😎 32 points
4th Robbie Watts (9) 32 points
Near pinsGraeme Mullins & Craig Dows.
A most unsatisfactory end to the week’s golf with a game at Bangpra. The course was extremely crowded and the game was played at a glacial pace. A couple of big groups of more than four players were out ahead of the Bunker Boys and ruined the game for everybody with the round taking almost five hours to complete. Under the circumstances, there was a high level of frustration with a number of players losing their concentration resulting in poor scoring.
Enjoying a very good week Niall Glover was just about the only one who kept it together returning a score of thirty-seven points to take first place, his third placing for the week. Bob Innes was three strokes back in second place. Newcomer David Byford who hails from Newcastle in NSW on debut took third place on thirty-two points. One of the longest hitters we have seen for a long time David took a fifty-six-degree wedge for his second shot on the fourth par four, an indication of just how far he hit his drives. Robbie Watts took the final place in the winner’s circle also on thirty-two. Remarkably only two of the near pins were taken by Graeme Mullins and Craid Dows, surely a first at this course.
Our new home at the Sports Lounge in Soi Buakhao is starting to pay dividends, almost every week we see new people joining the group having seen the signage prominently displayed outside the bar, a mutually beneficial arrangement for the bar and the Bunker Boys.
We begin next week’s golf with a real treat with a first-time-ever game at Muang Kaew. We had booked this course previously but due to extenuating circumstances we had a last-minute cancellation and it has taken nearly three years before we could return so we go there with high expectations

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