Jun 272021
Monday, June 21st
Khao Kheow C & B.
1st Les Cobban (7) 37 points
2nd Geoff Cox (17) 35 points
3rd Lance Conway-Jones (10) 35 points
4th Paul Smith (2) 34 points
5th Steve Durey (19) 33 points
Near pins Myles Knowlson, Dave Ashman, Moe Holmes & Steve Durey.
Today the twenty-first of June the Bunker Boys had twenty-one players for the game at Khao Kheow on the C & B nines. This is the biggest low-season number that anyone can remember going back years, even in some recent past high seasons that would be a very acceptable number.
After one of the most intense storms for some time overnight, the day was
beautiful, warm, and sunny with just a slight breeze to moderate the heat. The weather forecast was for storms in the afternoon but the sky remained clear and blue all day.
Overall, the course was in decent condition, a few tee boxes were a bit shabby and a couple of greens could do with some remediation, still, with an all-in fee of eleven hundred baht, there were very few complaints.
Maintaining his high standard of recent months Les Cobban took first place today with a very decent score of thirty-seven points, not a bad number on this course. The seldom-seen Geoff Cox took second place with thirty-five points which included an unlikely very long birdie put on the island green for four points. Lance Conway-Jones also had the same score losing out on countback. Paul Smith who had twenty points on the front nine uncharacteristically fell away on the back nine to register a score of thirty-four in fourth place, he did manage to birdie the first and last holes, a birdie on B9 is something to cherish. Five golfers were locked together on thirty-three points with Steve Durey having the best back nine nominated fifth. Myles Knowlson, Dave Ashman, Moe Holmes, and Steve Durey all took near pins.
Wednesday, June 23rd
1st Les Cobban (7) 36 points
2nd Peter Kelly (14) 35 points
3rd Roger Awad (21) 34 points
4th Bob Paine (21) 32 points
Near pins Niall Glover, Peter Kelly & Michael Brett.
Yet another good field of nineteen for the midweek game at Emerald, with an all-in fee of one thousand and fifty baht representing good value. The course was in reasonable shape, a couple of greens had been patched up but not watered in so the newly laid grass on them just withered away and may require a second effort to bring them back.
The day was hot and humid but there was no threat of rain, a nice change. A gentle breeze kept things cooler than they might have been.
After about three weeks where it took over forty points to win today saw a return to more moderate scores. Les Cobban continues to bound along with a winning score of thirty-six points. Peter Kelly was hard on his heels a stroke back in second place. Roger Awad took third with thirty-four points. At least five finished with thirty-two points, Bob Paine had the best back nine to claim fourth place. Three near pins went to Niall Glover, Peter Kelly, & Michael Brett.
The golfer of the month is hotly contested with four of five in with a shout. Leader by two, Paul Smith has one last shot at improving his score on Friday before he returns to Blighty at the weekend.  That leaves the other contenders with two more games to see if they can pass him, who will it be?. Will Bob Paine, Niall Glover, or Tony Robbins take it,or will Les Cobban leapfrog the lot? stay tuned for an exciting finish.
Friday, June 25th
Pleasant Valley
1st Tony Robbins (18) 37 points
2nd Kob Glover (18) 37 points
3rd Paul Smith (2) 37 points
4th Niall Glover (18) 37 points
Near pins Les Cobban, Kob Glover, & Paul Smith X 2.
Fourteen golfers registered for today’s game at Pleasant  Valley, unfortunately for C J he had a senior moment and went to Treasure Hill instead so we ended up with a baker’s dozen. The course was as busy as any we have seen for the past eighteen months with big groups of six and over, seen all over the course, despite that speed of play was acceptable with no real holdups.
The course was in good shape so no complaints on that front. The greens were a bit quicker than we have come to expect. Everyone was excited at the prospect of playing for seven hundred and fifty baht until they realised it was only covering caddie and cart fees and they still needed to pay five hundred and fifty to Tony for green fee vouchers The weather was pleasant with no sign of rain
Quite a remarkable situation at the top of the leaderboard with four players locked together on thirty-seven points and placed as listed. It seems like Tony Robbins hasn’t given up on golfer of the month yet although it will be a challenge as leader Paul Smith in his last game added to his tally and extended his lead.  Party time at the Glovers tonight with both Niall and Kob both in the winner’s circle. Consistent as ever Les Cobban had thirty-six, a good score again but just one short of the chocolates. Near pins went to Kob, Les Cobban, and two to Paul Smith.
Mr Consistency, les Cobban
Tony Robbins, winner at Pleasant Valley.
Kob Glover, back in the winners circle.

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