Jun 262022
Monday, June 20th
Khao Kheow B & C
1st Keith Norman (14) 35 points
2nd Gary Smith (10) 35 points
3rd Michael Brett (15) 35 points
4th Niall Glover (12) 32 points.
Near pins Craig Dows, Alan Sullivan, Gary Smith, & Michael Brett
A field of sixteen for the first game of a new week at Khao Kheow where we were allocated the B & C nines. The course was virtually empty so a nice quick round again. There was much work being done to the course which was already in good shape apart from tee boxes which were about the worst of any course we play, rough, full of divots, and generally, well below what is expected of a course of this standing, I guess they will get around to them when the rest of the remedial work is completed hopefully.
A very tight game today with three players locked together on thirty-five points as listed and a further three all bunched up on thirty-three so a countback for every position. Remarkably with the ladies’ tees over one thousand yards ahead of the men’s Kob Glover didn’t feature on either the winner’s list or the near pins as she usually does, just a rare off day for her. Alan Sullivan took one near pin as did Craig Dows, Gary Smith, and Michael Brett.
Wednesday, June 22nd
Burapha A & B
1st Jay Babin (22) 42 points
2nd Jimmy Carr (18) 42 points
3rd Craig Dows (5) 40 points
4th Michael Brett (15) 40 points
Near pins Sean Murphy, Erik Anttonen, & Keith Norman X 2.
An overcast day with spitting rain just about all day for the midweek game at Burapha. Despite heavy overnight rain, the course was in superb condition to the extent that carts were allowed on the fairways. It felt like any moment we would get a drenching as thunder rumbled all around us, and there were several lightning flashes, but fortunately, the worst stayed away and we finished relatively dry.
The biggest field for some time with nineteen teeing off, a very good number for low season, our new location seems to attract passers bye keen to join in. Competition for places was the keenest we have seen for a long time with no fewer than eleven golfers finishing on thirty-six or over, a very high standard, no doubt some who thought they were in with a shout didn’t even make the winners list. A remarkable twenty-four points on the back nine which included a wipe on the last by Jay Babin enabled him to edge out Jimmy Carr for first place, Jay’s score was all the more remarkable given he had a total of three wipes. By contrast, Craig Dows eagled the last to edge out Michael Brett. It’s worth noting that Sean Murphy and Robbie Watts finished with thirty-nine points, enough to win most days with Les Cobban and Keith Norman on thirty-seven points and Geoff Parker and Kevin LeBar on thirty-six. It’s also noteworthy that someone who finished in the top four lost two of the three sixes halving the other. Near pins went to Erik Anttonen, & Sean Murphy with Keith Norman taking two. The race for the golfer of the month is really tightening up with three games left in the month, so who can do the business, stay tuned.
Friday, June 24th
Eastern Star.
1st Jimmy Carr (17) 33 points
2nd Michael Brett (15)32 points
3rd Niall Glover (13) 31 points
Near pins Craig Dows, Robby Watts, Kevin LeBar, and Keith Norman.
After an absence of almost three years for a variety of reasons, the Bunker Boys paid a visit to Eastern Star for the last game of the week. We enjoyed a much more cordial atmosphere at check-in than on our last visit, amazing what one staff change can do. Rain was falling and rainchecks were not an option so to encourage us to play were offered two hundred baht vouchers each to be used on the course or in the clubhouse.
One surprise we encountered was the caddies, who were not as good as previous with many complaining they had the worst caddie ever. Bill Richardson seemed to come off worst, his caddie grounded his cart on the very first hole and there it lay stuck until another cart was found. On the second hole, his caddie nearly poked his eye out with the flagstick, not a great start to his round but like a trooper, he battled on.
Unlike the remarkable scoring on Wednesday, today was the opposite with very low scores recorded. With several remarkable long putts, some from off the green Jimmy Carr managed top score with thirty-three points, one ahead of Michael Brett in second place. Jimmy did however miss a couple of short ones so it evened itself out over the course of the round. Niall Glover brought up the rear. All the near pins were taken with one each to Kevin LeBar, Robbie Watts, Keith Norman, and Craig Dows.
With today’s weather, we were left in no doubt who our fine weather golfers are, we even had one person who drove to the course and then decided he wasn’t playing well enough to play in the rain so he simply went back home

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