Jul 092021
Monday, July 5th
Mountain Shadow
1st Jimmy Carr (18) 37 points
2nd Kob Glover (18) 32 points
3rd Steve Durey (19) 30 points
4th Geoff Parker (18) 30 points
Near pins Roger Awad, Steve Durey, & Gerry Cooney.
We were shocked to find the Mountain Shadow Course so brown and dry today, particularly the fairways which clearly had not seen water for some time. Despite the color, there were only a few bare areas while the greens were well watered and in good shape. The whole course would benefit greatly from some soaking rain to fill up the water catchments and improve the fairways. There was more run today than we had seen for a long time.
It was particularly hot today and those without carts suffered, even with a reasonable breeze blowing fatigue was a factor.
As always the course was a challenge for most with scores very poor. The exception was Jimmy Carr with a thirty-seven in first place, it’s now official, Jimmy is back in form again, with his third over thirty-six score in the last four games. Second place went to Kob Glover with thirty-two points whilst Steve Durey took third on countback from Geoff Parker, both on thirty points. After quite a while one near pin went to the delinquent fund with Roger Awad, Steve Durey, and Gerry Cooney taking the other three.
It was curious to see lots of monkeys on the course today, no doubt they are in the area all the time as we sometimes see them on the roads but seldon on the golf course. Given that they are always in Bangpra just down the road we should not be too surprised.
Wednesday, July 7th
Pattaya Country Club
1st Jimmy Carr (18) 40 points
2nd Kevin LeBar (13) 39 points
3rd Tony Robbins (17) 38 points
Near pins Roger Awad, Jimmy Carr, Kevin LeBar, & Niall Glover
Chalk and Cheese adequately describes the difference between the course on Monday and today. Fairways were lush green and nicely mowed, tee boxes were in good shape and the greens were excellent. Clearly, a lot of work is being put into the Pattaya CC  course and is paying dividends as it was very busy all day. Despite a crowded course, the speed of play was very good with no holdups anywhere.
Not as hot as Monday but still on the upper side of comfortable with bright sunshine and no sign of rain. Just about everybody took the all-in deal today and had a cart, a very good lesson for all other courses, charge a reasonable rate for carts and people will use them as opposed to having them sitting there not earning any revenue.
Some excellent scores again today with Jimmy Carr top of the heap with forty points to take first place, that’s now three in a row from Jimmy, all thirty-seven or over. Jimmy’s days off an eighteen handicap are well gone by now and not before time. Kevin LeBar took second with thirty-nine and played excellent golf. Tony Robbins rounded out the top three with thirty-eight. Niall Glover was unlucky to miss out on a place with thirty-seven, another respectable score.
Roger Awad is the new ace with near pins taking one just about every time he plays with another today, Jimmy, Kevin, and Niall took the other three.
Friday, July 9th
Burapha A & C White tees. Medal
1st Niall Glover (17) Net 74
2nd Jimmy Carr (17) Net 74
3rd Roger Awad (20) Net 75
Near pins Les Cobban, & Jimmy Carr X 2.
Heavy rain fell through the night into Friday morning and the prospects of golf didn’t look promising. Most people checked their weather app which indicated the rain would blow away by mid-morning so a decent field of fourteen rocked up to play. As it turned out the sky looked menacing all day with very dark clouds not too far from the course, luckily the wind was blowing towards where the rain was and kept it away, so we managed to finish dry
 As one might expect the course was very wet with casual water in places so from the off the pick, clean, and place rule was implemented, needless to say, there was no run. Often it was difficult to find plugged balls even on the fairway with several deep below the surface. The course whilst ok was not up to its previous standard with the bunkers in particular substandard. The greens were deceptively slow and may have accounted for the less than spectacular scores.
A very tight contest at the top of the leader board with only one point separating the top five players. Niall Glover edged out Jimmy Carr for first place on countback denying him a clean sweep for the week. Roger Awad again edged out Mitch Squire and Les Cobbaan for third, with both Les and Mitch picking up two-shot penalties on the last hole by both playing the incorrect ball, not the first time that has happened, easily done as both were playing a yellow ball. Some compensation for Les who got a near pin with Jimmy taking two, both from Michael Brett.
Big week for Jimmy with two 1st & one 2nd place.
Niall Glover, winner at Burapha.

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