Jan 212023
Monday, January 16th
Treasure Hill
1st Daryl Vernon (24) 39 points
2nd Neil Jones (26) 35 points
3rd Craig Dows (4) 33 points
4th Neil Hurst (9) 33 points
5th Jimmy Carr (19) 33 points
6th Niall Glover (12) 33 points
Near pins Paul Smith, Steve Evans, Kob Glover, & Roland Davison.
Back to Treasure Hill for the second time this month, in this high season of crazy pricing, some courses appear with monotonous regularity on our playing roster, hopefully by the end of the month sanity will return and we can return to the roster we have become accustomed to with courses like Bangpra, Khao Kheow, Pattaya Country Club and Pattana on our monthly schedule.
Treasure Hill would not be among most people’s favourite courses, although to be fair it is always in very good condition, if course management could be cajoled into removing a couple of the most offensive trees it would be a much more popular course.
Overall scores were very good for this course, you rarely see anybody burn it up, unlike today when Daryl Vernon did just that with a superb round of thirty-nine points, the second big win for Daryl in recent weeks. Another in good form Neil Jones took second with a very respectable thirty-five points, a score that most days would be good enough to win at Treasure Hill. Craig Dows, Neil Hurst, Jimmy Carr, and Niall Glover were all locked together on thirty-three points and finished as listed. Good to see the prodigal son Jimmy Carr back with the Bunker Boys again, does this mean he is back to stay, we certainly hope so as he has contributed so much to the Bunker Boys over many years. Kob Glover, Roland Davison, Steve Evans, and Paul Smith all got near pins.
Wednesday, January 18th
Bangpakong Riverside
1st Neil Hurst (😎 42 points
2nd Daryl Vernon (23) 40 points
3rd Kob Glover (16) 38 points
4th Jimmy Carr (19) 38 points
5th Mike Lloyd (14) 36 points
Near pins Kob Glover, Phil Mashiter, & Neil Hurst X 2.
Bangpakong is a course notorious for price gouging, hence the reason we haven’t been there for such a long time. On our last visit, we were advised that our booking price was not correct and we had to pay more, that was despite our price being clearly displayed on a monitor behind the booking clerk. When this was pointed the clerk with egg all over her face conceded to our original booked price. Imagine the lost revenue from the Bunker Boys in the interval, once again the law of unintended consequences at play.
Today was not a happy return to Bangpakong with the round taking about five hours and fifteen minutes to complete. This was way too long and took most of the joy out of what could have been a great day. As always the course was in superb condition, even better than before as the waste areas installed for some crazy reason have all been removed again and the course restored to its former glory. The greens had been cored and sanded some time ago and are not yet back to their best, still very good though.
It usually takes a big score to win here and we had several today, none better than Neil Hurst with a superb round of forty-two points. Showing that Monday’s performance was no flash in the pan Daryl Vernon went one better today taking second place with forty points. Kob Glover struck again with thirty-eight points to take third from Jimmy Carr on countback. Fresh back from the UK Mike Lloyd rounded out the scoring with a very tidy thirty-six points. Naturally, Kob Glover took a near pin with Phil Mashiter taking the long seventh with Neil Hurst taking both on the back nine.
By the time we had finished this marathon, the downstairs bar had closed leaving several hanging out for a coffee, with hundreds still out on the course a big business opportunity was lost. The pro shop at Bangpakong has some of the best golfing merchandise of any course we play and although they have very expensive golf shirts they also carry a reasonable stock of stylish, colourful shirts at reasonable prices.
Friday, January 20th
1st Colin Greig (15) 38 points
2nd Alan Sullivan (12) 36 points
3rd Ken Davidson (28) 36 points
4th Neil Hurst (7) 35 points
5th Niall Glover (12) 35 points
6th Neil Jones (25) 35 points
Near pins Stuart Tinkler, Craig Dows, Dave Galvin, & Colin Greig.
Our second visit to Pattavia this month although very few were complaining as it’s a favourite course of many. A very solid roll-up today with thirty-one players in attendance. Nothing to be said about the course that hasn’t already been said. Today was the last chance to do some fine-tuning prior to the club championship next week
Some very fine scoring with only three points separating first from sixth. Head of the group with thirty-eight points Colin Greig took first place, a cut in handicap is on its way. In a rare visit to the Bunker, Alan Sullivan took second place with
thirty-six points edging out Ken Davidson on countback. Neil Hurst, Niall Glover, and Neil Jones were locked together on thirty-five and placed in that order. All the near pins were taken with one each to Stuart Tinkler, Colin Greig, Craig Dows, and a sneaky one from Dave Galvin, his first appearance on the winner’s sheet this visit, no doubt there will be more.
In recent weeks a few players signaled their intent for the club championship with some excellent rounds, Daryl Vernon, Ken Davidson, Neil Hurst, and Colin Greig all showing up well in the lead-up. Kob Glover has gone quiet lately after a run of good scores, perhaps she is keeping her powder dry for the big one, wouldn’t it be something special to crown our first lady club champion!


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