Feb 152023
Monday, February 6th
Treasure Hill
1st Kob Glover (16) 35 points
2nd Neil Jones (23) 32 points
3rd Sean Murphy (27) 31 points
4th Craig Dows (4) 30 points
5th John Hughes (21) 30 points
6th Daryl Vernon (20) 30 points
Near pins Paul Smith, Steve Evans, Les Cobban, & Graham Davis.
The first game of the week was played at Treasure Hill where it has to be said the winner on the day was the course, nobody once again came to grips with it, although the winner Kob Glover put in a decent effort to take first place with thirty-five points. It was also a day for the high handicappers to shine with the only low handicapper Craig Dows off a four-handicap the only one in the winner’s list in fourth place. Neil Jones and Sean Murphy were in second and third place respectively. John Hughes and Daryl Vernon rounded out the winners list both with thirty points.
Despite the number of times we play this course scores continue on the low side, perhaps we have to wait for Robby Watts to resume playing before we see a good score. Near pins went to Paul Smith, Steve Evans, Les Cobban, and Graham Davis.
With an eye to the future, we are already looking at venues for an away trip during Songkran, those who wish to participate should indicate their preferred option to Niall Glover as soon as possible. At this stage the preferred options seem to be either West Bangkok or Khao Yai, either one has multiple choices of courses and prices, so get your vote in early to Niall.
Wednesday, February 8th
1st Geoff Parker (22) 39 points
2nd Bil Richardson (17) 38 points
3rd Mike Smith (19) 37 points
4th Neil Griffin (28) 37 points
5th Raleigh Gosney (21) 35 points
6th Daryl Vernon (20) 35 points
7th Les Cobban (12) 34 points
Near pins Ron McKinley, Craig Dows, Niall Glover, & Keith Hemmings.
An equal biggest field for the year of thirty-three for the mid-week game at Greenvalley. Just like last time we had a wait for caddies but this time nowhere near as long as last time. We thought we may have to share caddies again but they found sufficient for everybody.
The course was in quite good condition but the pace of play was pedestrian at best. Despite that, some very respectable scores were returned none better than Geoff Parker who rolled the clock back to post his best score for some time, thirty-nine points were enough for first place. one stroke back Bil Richardson took second place and looks like he is about to hit form again. Mike Smith took third on countback from Neil Griffin. Raleigh Gosney made another appearance on the winner’s list in fifth place beating Daryl Vernon on countback
Les Cobban rounded out the winner’s list in seventh place with thirty-four points. Near pins went to Craig Dows, Ron McKinley, Niall Glover, and an embarrassed Keith Hemmings who got the final one despite only barely being on the
green, still that’s all you need to do when nobody got any closer despite it being a relatively simple par three.
Friday, February 10th
1st Ken Davidson (25) 45 points
2nd Chris Whitehead (6) 38 points
3rd Craig Dows (4) 37 points
4th Geoff Parker (21) 36 points
5th Paul Smith (4) 35 points
6th Graham Davis (9) 35 points
Near pins Lena, Daryl Vernon, Roger Tuohy, Mike Smith
Another good turnout of thirty-two for the last game of the week at Pattavia where the standard of play was very high. A remarkable score of forty-five points saw Kan Davidson take first place. That is the highest score for a very long time and while Ken is doing his bit for Liverpool in these trying times he can look forward to a substantial cut in handicap. In his first game with the Bunker Boys visitor, Chris Whitehead took second place with thirty-eight points. In his second last game of this visit, Craig Dows took third with thirty-seven points. Once again Geoff Parker was in top form today and took fourth place with a tidy thirty-six points. Paul Smith and Graham Davis were locked together on thirty-five points and finished in that order on countback.
Another visitor only known as Lena took the first near pin with the other three going to Daryl Vernon, Roger Tuohy, and Mike Smith.
In feedback so far regarding our Songkran away trip, it looks like the preferred option is Kabin Buri, Royal Hills, and Watermill, nothing is set in concrete yet so still time to get in votes.

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