Jan 3 til Jan 7, 2022

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Jan 092022
Monday, January 3rd
Crystal Bay C & A.

1st Colin Greig (14) 37 points

2nd Niall Glover (16) 36 points
3rd Paul Smith (5) 36 points
4th Neil Jones (23) 36 points
Near pins Paul Smith, Colin Greig, Niall Glover, & Michael Brett
As a new year begins we look forward more in hope than optimism that things will be better in the year ahead. Already we see it hasn’t started well with a new raft of restrictions governing the sale of food and alcohol at restaurants. It is to be hoped that these will be short-lived and we can again return to normality. To add to the misery one of our members has been confirmed to have contracted the virus and one more suspected of the same.
Our new year of golf got underway with a game at Crystal Bay, not the most auspicious of beginnings but nevertheless, we are up and running. Not much to say about Crystal Bay that hasn’t already been said, a shabby course in need of much T.L.C. A bright sunny day with quite a stiff breeze which proved difficult at times and kept scores moderate by Crystal Bay standards. For the most part, the course was very brown and dry, but in the areas where the watering system had broken down and water flowed onto the course, it was verdant green.
Colin Greig got the New Year off to a good start with thirty-seven points to take first place. Three players were tied on thirty-six points and separated on countback with Niall Glover taking second from Paul Smith with Neil Jones rounding out the leader board, although Neil Jones believes he should have been second as we played the C nine first. All the near pins were taken, one each going to Niall Glover, Colin Greig, Paul Smith, & Michael Brett. Niall Glover had a brain fade on one hole putting two balls in the water, not to be outdone wife Kob also decided the water looked fine and decided to join him in the drink.
Wednesday, January 5th
Burapha A & B
1st Gez Williams (14) 37 points
2nd Les Cobban (11) 36 points
3rd Geoff Atwell (22) 35 points
4th Niall Glover (16) 35 points
Near pins Dave Galvin, Colin Greig, Kob Glover, & Michael Brett
More bad news to start the New Year with at least three more cases of the dreaded lurgi, we believe none are serious at this stage and hopefully, all will return hale and hearty in due course.
A change of venue for today’s game where we were due to play Pattaya Country Club but deferred till Friday and instead played Burapha at a sports day rate of eleven hundred baht all in which was excellent value, with this type of deal we plan to make it a regular fixture. We were allocated the A & B nines, most people’s preferred choice. Under the current circumstances, we had a smaller field than we might otherwise expect, we were, however, able to welcome one more of our regular seasonal visitors from the Emerald Isle, Dave Galvin to the fold.
The day started badly when John Hughes turned up at the bar early, not in the loop with his communications, threw his toys out of the cot, and went home, missing out on a good day’s golf. Two more cried off at the last minute leaving only eleven to enjoy the day. Gez Williams who can’t stop winning enjoyed the day most taking first place with thirty-seven points. Les Cobban missing for weeks returned today to take second place with thirty-six points, with Geoff Atwell aka Robin Hood edging out Niall Glover for third place. All the near pins were taken with one each going to Dave Galvin, Kob Glover, Colin Greig, & Michael Brett, Dave’s near pin was a one hundred and eighty-yard effort with a nine iron, could it have been an upside-down nine?. In the sixes, Jimmy Carr was so distraught at losing that he paid out the wrong person which was a shame as taking smackers from Jimmy is one of the great joys of golf.
Friday, January 7th
Pattaya Country Club. Medal
1st Kob Glover (23) Net 68
2nd Jimmy Carr (18) Net 71
3rd Dave Ashman (26) Net 72
Near pins Bengt Engstrom, Jimmy Carr & Kob Glover X 2.
We are pleased to report that all five members missing due to the moronic virus appear to be fine and hopefully will be back on deck very soon. It seems inevitable that in time everybody will get it and have to take some downtime.
Our monthly medal was played today at Pattaya Country Club in bright sunshine with a good breeze blowing most of the day. As ever the course was in good shape so no excuses on that front.
The fairer sex came to the fore today with Kob Glover taking first place with an excellent score of net sixty-eight. Jimmy Carr might have thought seventy-one would be enough to take it out, unfortunately for him, it was only good enough for second place. After a long absence from the winner’s circle, Dave Ashman got there today with a very good net seventy-two. Dave’s recent outlay in a couple of new/used clubs is now paying dividends. All the near pins were taken with Jimmy and Bengt taking one each and Kob taking two making it three for the week, is the mantle of near pin specialist about to change hands? it is a heavy burden to carry!!!.

Dec 27 til Dec 31, 2021

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Jan 022022
Monday, December 27th
Greenwood C & B
1st Gez Williams (15) 41 points
2nd Geoff Parker (20) 40 points
3rd Kob Glover (24) 38 points
4th Michael Brett (16) 37 points
Near pins Ken Davidson, Tony Robbins, & Michael Brett
The last week of a tumultuous year began with a game at Greenwood where we were allocated the C & B nines. Greenwood is a course that we have always had a cordial relationship with and many at the Bunker Boys regard it as one of their favourite courses, however, that view may have changed irrevocably today. When we made our booking we were quoted an all-in fee of twelve hundred and fifty baht, which subsequently was increased to fourteen hundred and fifty, the reason given was high season prices. On arrival at the course, we found that price had increased yet again to fifteen hundred and fifty and no negotiation would be entered into. This left many openly declaring that they would not return to this course again, It seemed a very shortsighted view by course management as we have long been a loyal supporter of the course, and come the end of this supposed high season the course may be very keen to welcome our patronage. Unfortunately, this kind of opportunism and shabby treatment of regular customers is all too common and leaves a very sour taste.
With regard to the course itself, we found it surprisingly damp underfoot with many plugged balls as well as mudballs, otherwise, it was fine. A stiff breeze blew for much of the round and proved difficult to handle.
Despite the difficult start and the wind, scoring was well above average with Gez Williams topping the list with an excellent forty-one points, his second visit to the winners circle with a second placing last Friday, a very good start to his tour of duty. Geoff Parker should now see the back of his twenty handicap with a second placing on forty points. Kob Glover took third with thirty-eight points while Michael Brett brought up the rear on thirty-seven. Three near pins were taken going to Ken Davidson, Tony Robbins, and Michael Brett. None of the big guns fired today and Steve Durey gained ground in the race for golfer of the month so it’s not over yet with two games to go.
Wednesday, December 29th
Parichat. White tees
1st Niall Glover (16) 36 points
2nd Steve Durey (19) 34 points
3rd Bengt Engstrom (10) 33 points
Near pins Kob Glover, Geoff Parker, Casey Mitchell, & Michael Brett.
Parichat is a course that is starting to pose some problems for us. Some only want to play it if it’s a rainbow format, some don’t want to play it if it’s a rainbow,
and increasingly some just don’t want to play it at all leaving us in a bit of a quandary that is impossible to resolve. To be fair a couple of holes on the course are a bit silly with ridiculous greens. It does, however, have a couple of redeeming features, i.e. the course is usually in good condition, the caddies are mostly quite good, and best of all the all-in fee of twelve hundred baht make it hard to ignore.
On our last visit the wind was howling, today wasn’t much better. We were out behind a couple of groups that looked like they might be slow but we had a relatively smooth run with no holdups. With a large number of Bunker Boys around at present today we had the smallest field for months, some may be voting with their feet and playing elsewhere, but many may just have decided to have a day off golf.
Despite a very poor start to his round, Niall Glover recovered well to take first place with thirty-six points, two ahead of Steve Durey in second on thirty-four, whilst Bengt Engstrom rounded out the winners circle on thirty-three. All the near pins were taken with one each to Kob Glover, Geoff Parker, and Michael Brett with our newest member Casey Mitchell also getting in on the act. Another seasonal visitor Stuart Tinkler made it through the arduous process visitors are subjected to and will join the group for Friday’s game at Mountain Shadow.
Friday, December 31st
Mountain Shadow
1st Steve Durey (19) 35 points
2nd Colin Greig (14) 33 points
3rd Kevin LeBar (14) 32 points
4th Ken Davidson 23) 32 points
Near pins Steve Durey, Stuart Tinkler, & Neil Jones
The last game of the year was played at the Mountain Shadow Course in bright sunny conditions. The course was pretty much as expected, greens and fairways ok, tee boxes rough and uneven, and the bunkers as always neglected, unraked, and with grass in many.
One of the more unusual rounds of golf on many counts. at least four players were subjected to two-stroke penalties for playing the wrong ball, it was just that kind of day. As if once wasn’t enough one player did it on consecutive holes, an overreliance on the caddie to blame. One player sacked his caddie after four holes and will likely receive a rebuke for caddie abuse, not conduct appropriate to the season of goodwill.
Mountain Shadow is a good test of golf and one has to be on their game to score well here, unfortunately, many were well off today. Steve Durey was the only one to put in a good effort with a round of thirty-five points in first place. Colin Greig was two strokes adrift in second place with Kevin LeBar edging out Ken Davidson for third spot. Even when he loses Kevin always wins as he seems to have the magic with the caddies, always has the cutest caddie on the course. Three near pins were taken with one each going to Steve Durey, Neil Jones, and a particularly good one to Stuart Tinkler who smoked an eight iron very close on the third par three.
All month long it looked inevitable that Colin Greig would take out the golfer of the month with a substantial lead, however, Steve Durey kept plugging away and it eventually went down to the wire with both tied on two hundred and nineteen points and had to be resolved on countback going all the way back to the eight best score for Colin to take it. A big month for Colin also taking out the club championship.
Year in Review
Nobody at the Bunker Boys will be sad to see the end of this year, yet another year where life has been disrupted by the specter of the pandemic. Despite faring better than most countries we still had to endure a month-long lockdown
and the bars in Pattaya being closed for about eight months, ruinous for the “city of fun”
Sadly we bade farewell to a number of members with the passing of Frank Quinlan, Andy Brady, Geoff Hart, Peter Hapgood, and Peter Allen. It seems were ageing rapidly as a golf society and need an injection of young blood. We did welcome several new members to the club including Bengt Engstrom, Jay Babin, Bob Innes, Geoff Atwell, and Nik Evans all of whom have become regulars. We made a couple of away trips to Kabin Buri, and Kanchanaburi and hope next year see us travel significantly more in the new year with the first to Soi Dao already locked in for early February.
There is still a significant number of members we haven’t seen for some time, take note all you Aussies, and it would be nice if they could make the trip soon, we live in hope that the virus is on the wane and life may return to some kind of normality.
Some notable stats for the year are as follows,
Club Champion Colin Greig
Most games played Tony Robbins and Michael Brett, one hundred and forty-two
Most games won Michael Brett, sixteen, Most near pins Michael Brett, sixty-eight. most golfer of the month, Michael Brett, three.
Seems amazing that one player can play so poorly for so long and still top many of the stats, no doubt that will change next year with Niall Glover now playing full time and Steve Durey improving his game with every passing month. Also, we are seeing Geoff Parker returning to good form again and of course, there is always Jimmy Carr to contend with!

Dec 20 til Dec 24, 2021

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Dec 252021
Monday, December 20th

Crystal Bay C & A
1st Greg Berry (15) 36 points
2nd Geoff Atwell (22) 36 points
3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 34 points
4th Colin Greig (14) 34 points
Near pins Jimmy Carr, Danny Evans, & Bob Innes X 2
Another split day of golf for the Bunker Boys with the bulk of the group playing at Crystal Bay while a team of four made the trip to Kabin Buri to play in the Serenity Resort Christmas scramble. The Kabin Buri course was in pristine condition, competition ready to host the Thailand Seniors Open competition later in the week. In particular, the greens were as good as greens can be, a nice speed without being ridiculously fast and smooth as a billiards table. The day was bright and sunny but not too hot so perfect for golf
The Bunker Boys team comprising Tony Robbins, John Hughes, Daryl Vernon, and Michael Brett played as a team, and at different stages, someone always came to the rescue and everyone contributed. A score of forty-seven points, net sixty-one was a fair reflection of how the team played and was good enough to equal the best score of the day, unfortunate to lose first place on countback but satisfying nevertheless. After golf, everyone retired to the Serenity Resort & Spa where our host Olivier laid on a magnificent feast of Christmas fare followed by prizegiving. Wine and beer flowed freely and the revelry went on into the small hours.
At Crystal Bay, the group played the C & A nines, as always the course was ok but the tee boxes and bunkers were a shambles. The rough was also up so anybody that strayed in there was lucky to be able to play their ball if it could be found.
The very consistent Greg Berry took out first place beating Geoff Atwell on countback. It seems like a day of countbacks with third and fourth also decided in that manner with Jimmy Carr edging out Colin Greig who could count himself very lucky to be cut only one stroke after last Friday’s heroics. Danny Evans and Jimmy Carr got near pins while the new “dead eye Dick” Bob Innes took two.
Wednesday, December 22nd
Pattana Golf & Sports Resort A & C.
!st Niall Glover (15) 40 points
2nd Tony Robbins (23) 38 points
3rd Michael Brett (16) 38 points
4th Gerry Cooney (19) 38 points
Near pins Gerry Cooney, Kevin LeBar, Paul Smith, & Michael Brett.
Another beautiful sunny day for golf at Pattana where despite several delinquents we managed a field of eighteen. We were allocated the A & C nines both of which were in very fine condition. An all-in fee of eleven hundred baht was excellent value for a course of this quality.
Scoring was very good and it was tight at the top with Niall Glover taking the chocolates with an excellent forty points. Tony Robbins, Michael Brett, and Gerry Cooney all finished with thirty-eight points and were placed in that order. All the near pins were taken  with one each going to Gerry Cooney, Kevin Lebar,
Paul Smith, and Michael Brett.
We were hopeful of another big influx of seasonal visitors in the coming weeks but with paranoia about the latest Covid variant rampant, it looks at this stage that there may be doubts about any further international tourism until a clearer picture emerges, we live in hope.
Friday, December 24th
1st Geoff Atwell (22) 38 points
2nd Gez Williams (13) 36 points
3rd Colin Greig (14) 34 points
4th Dave Ashman (26) 34 points
Near pins Niall Glover, Gez Williams, & Paul Smith X 2.
A curious day for golf at Emerald, we started under grey skies, shortly after we had a sprinkling of rain, and finished in bright sunshine. The course was ok by Emerald standards, the greens were good, fairways were decent and the bunkers were also fine, so no complaints on that score. Despite several regulars missing presumably doing some late Christmas shopping, a field of eighteen was a reasonable group under the circumstances. Other members were doing a bit of travel to different resorts and some went upcountry.
There are many curiosities in the game of golf but one, in particular, seems to remain a constant at the Bunker Boys, I refer of course to our resident Robin Hood, Geoff Atwell who regularly throws up a very good score and yet maintain his handicap in the low twenties. Today he did it again with an excellent thirty-eight points to take first place. Fresh from Blighty, Gez Williams in his first game for months went straight down to business and took second place with a solid thirty-six points. Colin Greig continues to motor along in the winner’s circle
and took third place beating Dave Ashman into fourth place on countback. All the near pins were taken with one each to Niall Glover and Gez Williams with two going to Paul Smith.
Niall Glover, Winner at Pattana
Geoff Atwell aka Robin Hood winner at Emerald
Gez Williams, latest arrival.


Dec13 til Dec 17, 2021

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Dec 182021
Monday, December 13th
Khao Kheow A & B
1st Kob Glover (25) 34 points
2nd Niall Glover (17) 34 points
3rd Paul Smith (4) 34 points
4th Tony Robbins (24) 33 points
Near pins Daryl Vernon & Greg Berry X 2.
Today’s game at Khao Kheow was at best an exercise in futility. At times the wind was almost galeforce in intensity, certainly the strongest wind that anybody remembers in which to play in Pattaya, and rendered the course virtually unplayable. The course itself was in the worst shape we have seen for a long time, the fairways were largely brown and with very little grass, the greens were substandard, rough and bumpy, and variable in speed. Leaf litter was strewn across the course and in places so dense that at least one player lost a ball somewhere within this litter. If there was a positive it was the bunkers which were well raked and in good order.
Coupled with a number of players having trainee caddies the all-in fee of fifteen-hundred baht was very poor value and would not encourage greater patronage. As it was we seemed to be the only people on the course so unless there is a major rethink in applying high season pricing to a course in very poor condition it will remain poorly supported.
Under the circumstances, scoring was acceptable with the Glover family at the top of the table with Kob beating husband Niall on countback. Paul Smith also had the same score in third place, almost a failure on his part as he had twenty on the front nine. Tony Robbins rounded out the scoring on thirty-three points. A dusty Daryl Vernon who may have been overenjoying himself since his return to Pattaya managed to snag a near pin whilst the very consistent Greg Berry managed two, he seems to be dominating the near pins lately.
It was a particularly difficult day for our regular visitor from the Isle of Man, Tony Scambler. He was one of the unlucky ones with a trainee caddie who spoke no English, wouldn’t drive the cart onto the fairways despite them being bone dry and rock hard, and was no help whatsoever, in fairness somebody playing as long as Tony has shouldn’t need help from a trainee caddie to read puts. Ending on a positive note the Glovers were kind enough to ring the bell, a sound we haven’t heard in a long time and a very welcome as well indeed.
Wednesday, December 15th.
Club Championship 1st round.
1st Niall Glover (17) Net 68
2nd Kob Glover (25) Net 73
3rd John Hughes (22) Net 74
4th Colin Greig (15) Net 75
5th Bob Innes (30) Net 75
6th Kevin LeBar (14) Net 76
Near pins Paul Smith, Kob Glover, Niall Glover, & Jimmy Carr.
A record number for about two years with twenty-six participants in the annual Club Championship first round held at Pattavia. Conditions were perfect for golf with clear blue skies, warm but not too hot temperatures, and a course in good condition. As is mostly the case at Pattavia the greens were quick and difficult with anything above the pin a real challenge of line and speed.
Another society was out in front of us but didn’t impact the speed of play with the round completed in an acceptable time. In the interest of fairness, a random draw was used to establish the groupings which threw up some curious combinations. Prior to leaving the bar, Ken Davidson organised a sweepstake which threw up some curious choices.
For the second day in a row, the Glover family finished in the top two positions with Niall this time taking the honours with an exceptional score of net sixty-eight a full five strokes ahead of wife Kob on seventy-three. Third place went to
the wily John Hughes on net seventy-four. Colin Greig came in fourth beating out fellow Scotsman Bob Innes who had a couple of shocker holes after a blistering start but managed to gather it up and finish strongly with a respectable seventy-five in fifth place. Rounding out the top six Kevin LeBar who is probably the most regular player of the group at this course finishing in sixth place with seventy-six points. A number of our more established players such as Paul Smith, Les Cobban, Greg Berry, and Nic Evans threatened at times but eventually fell back in the field so with a five-stroke lead Niall Glover is the hot favorite to get his name on the honour board, but stroke play can change the scoreboard in a trice, so who is it going to be?. All the near pins were taken with one each to Niall & Kob Glover, Jimmy Carr, & Paul Smith.
Friday, December 17th
Round 2 Club Championship
Pattaya Country Club
1st Colin Greig (15) 47 points
2nd Jay Babin (21) 44 points
3rd Bob Innes (30) 43 points
4th Tony Robbins (24) 41 points
5th Kevin LeBar (14) 40 points
6th Geoff Parker (20) 39 points
Near pins Kevin LeBar, Bengt Engstrom, Colin Greig, & Daryl Vernon.
Club Champion 2021 Colin Greig
As is the custom the players out of the running teed off first with those deemed in the running out last. A field of twenty-six was a good number under the circumstances and as can be seen from the results competition was fierce with some of the best scores that anyone can remember. From the results, it looks like the high handicap players had a serious advantage, coupled with playing off the shorter white tees. Throughout the presentation, back at the bar, there was much discussion particularly in relation to handicaps and the S word was used more than once.
The day was bright and sunny with a light breeze, the course was in good condition so no excuses from anybody. It’s remarkable how quickly courses start to deteriorate due to lack of rain and while today’s course was fine one could see how quickly it will go brown and bare without rain soon.
In what can only be described as a remarkable performance Colin Greig came from seven strokes back to win by a margin of three, apparently, he didn’t miss a put all-day. No doubt the handicappers will take the scalpel to his ridiculous fifteen handicap for next week. In another remarkable performance, Jay Babin returned a score of forty-four to take second place, who would have believed that a score of forty-four wouldn’t be good enough to win?. Another high handicapper who seems to improve with every game he plays Bob Innes came third with forty-three points. Tony Robbins also in the plus forty range took fourth with forty-one points, one ahead of Kevin LeBar in fifth with Geoff Parker rounding out the scoring with thirty-nine points. Of all those on the winner’s list Kevin LeBar seemed to be the only one playing off an appropriate handicap. Near pins were taken by Daryl Vernon, Colin Greig, Bengt Engstrom, and Kevin LeBar.
Back at the bar, there was much revelry with the sound of the bell ringing out all night albeit a silent bell.


Dec 6 til Dec 10, 2021

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Dec 112021
Monday, December 6th
1st Tony Robbins (24) 37 points
2nd Greg Berry (15) 36 points
3rd Geoff Atwell (22) 35 points
4th Jimmy Carr (17) 34 points
5th Steve Durey (19) 34 points
Near pins Greg Berry, Mashi Kaneta, Jimmy Carr, & Steve Durey.
Despite several locals missing today (at least six) a big influx of regular seasonal visitors swelled out numbers to twenty, the new arrivals were Neil Jones, Ken Davidson, and Tony Scambler. Could it be that many have their eyes on the club championship to be held next Wednesday and Friday?. Since restaurants were allowed to serve alcohol last Friday, Pattaya feels much more like the “city of fun” that we have all come to know and love.
A beautiful day for golf at Greenvalley where the weather was just about perfect and the course was in tip-top condition. Despite a big group out before us, the speed of play was fine today and there were no reasons for low scores other than the vagaries of the game.
We are considering sending around the hat collecting for a mask, not a covid mask but a Ned Kelly one for today’s winner Tony Robbins on his twenty-four handicap with a score of thirty-seven. Greg Berry had a super round going on the front nine but faded on the back to record a score of thirty-six, enough to take second place. Another in need of a mask, this time a Robin Hood mask was Geoff Atwell who took third on thirty-five off a generous twenty-two handicap
Jimmy Carr, solid as ever came in with thirty-four points edging out Steve Durey on countback. The near pins were shared between Greg Berry, Mashi Kaneta, Jimmy Carr, and Steve Durey.
Wednesday, December 8th
1st Colin Greig (15) 36 points
2nd Paul Smith (2) 33 points
3rd Greg Berry (15) 33 points
4th Michael Brett (15) 32 points
Near pins Kob Glover, Paul Smith, & Michael Brett.
A spectacular day for golf at Bangpra, cloudless blue sky, balmy temperature, and a slight breeze, as good as it gets. The course was in nice condition, the bunkers were remarkable, perfectly raked, remarkable as we have seen courses lately with bunkers in very poor condition. Having endured months where there was no run on the fairways today was the opposite with both fairways and greens very quick. Speed of play was good until our lead group ran up against a six-ball, thereafter it became painfully slow.
Someone we are used to seeing play off a single figure handicap Colin Greig now off fifteen took the honours today with thirty-six points, could the advancing years be manifesting themselves or is he just sandbagging for the upcoming club championship next week?. Paul Smith took second place with thirty-three points with Greg Berry third also on thirty-three. All three played in the last group, the only one to miss out was Les Cobban who had a rare off day. Geoff Parker set a blistering pace on the front nine with twenty-one faded on the back nine and lost fourth place on countback to Michael Brett. Three near pins went to Paul Smith, Kob Glover, and Michael Brett. A remarkable coincidence occurred on the Gordon Melia twelfth hole where Niall Glover, Kob Glover, and Geoff Parker all put two balls in the water
Friday, December 10th
Treasure Hill
1st Geoff Atwell (22) 36 points
2nd John Hughes (22) 35 points
3rd Mashi Kaneta (17) 34 points
4th Ken Davidson (24) 31 points
Near pins Kob Glover, Greg Berry, Mashi Kaneta, & Geoff Atwell
The joy of low season already seems a distant memory with yet another diabolically slow round. As is often the case the cause of the problem was a local six-ball, why this is allowed is anybody’s guess, something we simply have to learn to live with. By the closing holes, many had lost interest and simply wanted to get it over with and get off the course. One thing from the low season that remained to everybody’s delight was the all-in fee of one thousand and fifty baht.
Sometimes this course feels like it has more trees than Sherwood forest and it was common to hear the sound of golfballs clattering into said trees. The fairways were in good order with lots of run and the greens were firm and consistent.
Talking of Sherwood forest our resident Robin Hood Geoff Atwell seemed at home on the course today and took first place with thirty-six points to go with his thirty-five on Monday. Another bandit on a high handicap John Hughes came second with thirty-five points one ahead of Mashi Kaneta in third place Ken Davidson rounded out the scoring on thirty-one points. There were many with scores in the mid to high twenties. All the near pins were taken by Greg Berry, Kob Glover, (again) Mashi Kaneta, and Geoff Atwell. Geoff’s effort was particularly noteworthy in that he completely mishit his drive, landed halfway down the fairway, and ran all the way up to the green for a near pin, naturally with that kind of luck he would go on to sink the put for a birdie.
With so many Brits back in Thailand the question was raised today, where are the Aussies? probably back home watching boring cricket some would say.
With the Club Championship next week and many struggling to find their best it remains a wide-open contest, many are looking for a complete reversal in form At this stage, Steve Durey is in the best and most consistent form and looks like a clear frontrunner, who will it be?.

Nov 29 til Dec 3, 2021

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Dec 042021

Monday, November 29th
1st Michael Brett (15) 36 points
2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 33 points
3rd Geoff Parker (20) 33 points.
Near pins Paul Smith, Steve Durey, & Michael Brett.
The last game of November was played in very difficult conditions at the Parichat course where once again we played Stableford instead of the regular monthly rainbow competition. A most unpleasant day for golf, the sky was grey and overcast, with an everpresent threat of rain, the wind was howling particularly on the front nine, the greens were lightning-quick, all of which contributed to a very trying day. As the course is so open and treeless the wind had a much greater effect than it might have had at another course. Speed of play was excellent with most of the groups finishing in good time, the lead three-ball was back in the clubhouse by two o’clock.
Despite a poor finish with two one-pointers, Michael Brett managed to secure top position with thirty-six points. Jimmy Carr and Geoff Parker both finished on thirty-three in second and third respectively. Three near pins went to Paul Smith, Steve Durey, and Michael Brett with one delinquent.
As expected Jimmy Carr who showed consistently good form all month took out the golfer of the month trophy with some distance to second place. This was Jimmy’s second golfer of the month win this year, can he make it three?. Given his current run of good form, it would be foolhardy to bet against it.

Wednesday, December 1st
Pattaya Country Club
1st Nik Evans (12) 38 points
2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 36 points
3rd Bob Innes (30) 36 points
4th Steve Durey (20) 35 points
Near pins Danny Evans, Steve Durey, & Paul Smith X 2.
The biggest turnout for about eighteen months for our first game of December at Pattaya Country Club including Mike Lloyd playing his second game and Daryl Vernon his first. It seems like the rainy season has been replaced with a windy season, it was blowing again today, sometimes quite strongly, and rarely seemed to be in an advantageous direction.
Those familiar with this country know it’s often referred to as “Amazing Thailand” and today we got a first-hand example of why. We were assured yesterday that we could purchase seniors cards on the day for five hundred baht which guaranteed us an all-in fee of twelve hundred and fifty baht till the end of October next year. In the intervening twenty-four hours, the cost of senior cards doubled in price, needless to say, this news went down like a lead balloon. After much argument and the threat of a walkout of nineteen players common sense finally prevailed. Thereafter it was much like getting a certificate of entry to the country with passport or driver’s license required, paperwork to be filled out, and photos to be taken before we could proceed to play, not the kind of start that puts one in the correct frame of mind for golf.
The pace of play was slow such that a group of locals was able to jump in between our first three-ball and the second group. Slow play is a curse on golf and something that needs to be eradicated. Some would argue that golf is not a race, neither is it a game of chess. Slow play upsets many people’s rhythm and concentration and results in low scoring. Today’s winner Nik Evans was unaffected and produced a display of controlled disciplined golf to amass a score of thirty-eight points, an excellent score in the conditions. Jimmy Carr is still continuing in a rich vein of form and took second place with thirty-six points, surely now we will see his handicap come down to a level more befitting his ability. Bob Innes took third place also on thirty-six and Steve Durey took fourth place one stroke adrift. A total of seven players were locked together on thirty-four points. All the near pins were taken with Steve Durey and Danny Evans taking one each with Paul Smith taking two.

Friday, December 3rd
Pleasant Valley.
1st Steve Durey (20) 43 points
2nd Alan Sullivan (12) 35 points
3rd Colin Greig (14) 34 points
4th Geoff Parker (20) 34 points
5th Paul Smith (2) 34 points
Near pins Greg Berry, Dave Ashman, Mike Lloyd, & Mark On.
Another new arrival today, John Hughes, and a couple more expected next week making for what looks like a more normal high season. Pleasant Valley was the venue where again a field of nineteen showed up to play. This is a course that polarises opinions, most like the ambiance and friendliness of the place with superior caddies, others detest the course and would be happy to never play there again. It’s hard to satisfy all the people all the time, so sometimes concessions have to be made.
Another slow round today as we had another society out directly in front of us, still it was better than Wednesday’s extremely slow game. The course was surprisingly dry and is starting to go brown in some areas, something we haven’t seen for a long time. A couple of greens were particularly shabby and had some remedial work done which still shows, the bunkers for the most part were disappointing, nothing a good raking wouldn’t fix.
Today’s winner Steve Durey produced an exceptional round with a score of forty-
three points, surely his handicap must now come down to a more respectable level. Another Westham United supporter Alan Sullivan in a rare visit to the Bunker shot a steady round of thirty-five to take second place. Colin Greig, Geoff Parker, and Paul Smith finished in that order on countback with thirty-four points. Bob Innes and Mike Lloyd both had strong front nines, only to fade out of contention on the back. All the near pins were taken today with Dave Ashman taking one particularly good one, Mark On, Greg Berry, and Mike Lloyd taking the other three. The week ended on a high note with the news that as of today restaurants are allowed to serve alcohol, no doubt many will be slaking their thirst into the night, a long time coming.

November Golfer of the Month Jimmy Carr

Winner at Pattaya Country Club Nik Evans.

Big winner Steve Durey.

Nov 22 til Nov 26, 2021

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Nov 272021
Monday, November 22nd
Khao Kheow B & C.
1st Steve Durey (21) 39 points
2nd Jimmy Carr (18) 38 points
3rd Michael Brett(15) 36 points
Near pins Colin Greig & Steve Durey X 2.
Quite a warm day at Khao Kheow where we were allocated the B & C nines. The course was in fine condition, no complaints on that score, also decent pricing with an all-in deal of eleven hundred baht. All was fine weatherwise till the last hole when suddenly a storm swept in virtually out of nowhere forcing us to take shelter. Just as quick as it came it went after about five minutes delay, enough to get everybody wet.
A curious game in many ways with several embarrassingly low scores, however those at the top of the list returned decent numbers. Sitting comfortably at the top of the list in the race for golfer of the month, Jimmy Carr stretched his lead today with thirty-eight points taking second place. Michael Brett had a struggle all day but managed to cobble together thirty-six points to take third place. The star of the day was Steve Durey who came home with a wet sail, twenty-two points on the back nine to claim victory with a thirty-nine point total. Steve also had his name on three near pin flags and managed to hang on to two with Colin Greig taking another, with one delinquent.
Slowly some of our longstanding members are starting to trickle back from foreign parts with Greg Berry making his first appearance in about eighteen months, we are expecting more shortly. Good to see Greg looking fit and healthy given that on his last visit he suffered two accidents, one life-threatening. We were also happy to welcome to the fold a new member Danny Evans all the way from Middlesbrough.
Wednesday, November 24th
Chee Chan
1st Bengt Engstrom (13) 38 points
2nd Jimmy Carr (18) 36 points
3rd Colin Greig (14) 35 points
Near pins Bengt Engstrom, Jimmy Carr, Colin Greig, & Michael Brett.
Another visit to the beautiful Chee Chan course where, as usual, everything was in tip tops shape. This is the most expensive course we play with an all-in fee of three thousand baht, not a course we plan to play on a regular basis but an occasional treat. The fairways are better than greens on many courses, the greens themselves were very tricky in particular the front nine were much quicker than the back for some curious reason.
The day was nice and sunny and with no wind, it became quite hot, nevertheless nice for golf. Today we welcomed another new member Bengt Engstrom who not only blew everyone away with a top score of thirty-eight points but also managed to snag a near pin, what a debut. Continuing on his run of good form Jimmy Carr took second place with a very creditable thirty-six points with the ever-improving Colin Greig taking third place a stroke back despite an uncharacteristically poor day with the putter. Jimmy, Colin, and Michael Brett took the remaining three near pins. As was the case on Monday a few members returned some very low scores so the message was clear, your game needs to be in good shape to play this course.
Friday, November 26th
1st Kevin LeBar (16) 38 points
2nd Geoff Atwell (22) 33 points
3rd Jimmy Carr (32 points
Near pins Geoff Parker, Paul Smith X 2.
It is not uncommon to see a golf course acquire some additional land to lengthen a hole or harden up a course in some way. What is very rare is to see a course sell off part of a hole to a property developer thereby making what once was a long difficult hole into a short easy par four as is the case at Emerald where now the third tee and about eighty yards of fairway are now a building site. We understand the long-term plan is to build a new clubhouse and create some new holes in a major revision of the course, however for the time being high handicap golfers have an easy ride on what should no longer be a low handicap hole.
A bright sunny day for the last game of the week, but a constant wind made conditions difficult. One thousand and fifty baht all-in fee was good value so fourteen golfers showed up to tackle a course where the rough was difficult as ever with thick deep crabgrass everywhere. Only Kevin LeBar was able to tame the course today with a fine score of thirty-eight points in first place. A full five strokes back Geoff Atwell took second place with a group of three locked together on thirty-two, Jimmy Carr got the nod on countback. Geoff Parker got one near pin and Paul Smith got two.


Nov 15 til Nov 19, 2021

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Nov 192021
Monday, November 15th
1st Mashi Kaneta (19) 38 points
2nd Geoff Parker (20) 36 points
3rd Kob Glover (24) 35 points
4th Neil Harvey (😎 35 points
Near pins Jimmy Carr & Paul Smith X 2.
Despite missing a couple of regulars today we equalled our biggest field of the year with seventeen in attendance. The course was in remarkably good condition despite recent rain but some of the greens were not up to the standard we expect at Greenvalley. We were informed that the greens at St Andrew’s were much worse so our booking for later in the month was canceled and instead we make a return to Chee Chan. An all-in fee of eleven hundred and fifty baht was decent value in what is normally high season.
Making another of his rare appearances at the Bunker Boys Mashi Kaneta took the honors today with a fine score of thirty-eight points. Continuing on with his recent good form Geoff Parker took second place with thirty-six points, how much longer can his twenty handicap last?. Another in good form in recent games Kob Glover took third place with thirty-five beating Neil Harvey into fourth on countback. Jimmy Carr got his usual near pin with the newly arrived Paul Smith taking two.
About two weeks ago we were celebrating the end of monsoon season and the prospect of months of rain-free golf. Whilst we were lucky today and got through dry, the rain came tumbling down shortly after we finished. It’s been a long wetter than usual monsoon season this year and it seems we are not done with it yet.
Wednesday, November 17th.
Greenwood. B & C
1st Jay Babin (20) 36 points
2nd Geoff Parker (20) 34 points
3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 33 points
Near pins. Kevin LeBar, Jay Babin, & Paul Smith
The Greenwood course was a little soft underfoot for today’s game with mudballs common, otherwise, it was nice as usual. With it being soft underfoot there was absolutely no run on the fairways today so the course played long. We would be remiss without a mention of the greenkeeper who must have had a bad night as the pin placements were amongst the most challenging we have seen for some time, there was hardly one flag on a flat piece of green. As a result, only one player covered himself in glory, with all the low handicap players playing below their best.
The day was hot and sunny, in fact by the end of play it became uncomfortably hot. A nice cool breeze would have been very welcome.
Jay Babin was the man in the driving seat today taking first place with thirty-six points, a very good score under the circumstances, no five puts today. Geoff Parker was again steady in second place with thirty-four points with Jimmy Carr bringing up the rear a stroke adrift. For the second game in a row, Paul Smith got two near pins, very consistent from him with Jay Babin and Kevin LeBar taking one each. As is most often the case Kevin somehow managed to get the cutest caddie, no wonder people like playing in his fourball.
Friday, November 19th
Treasure Hill
1st Tony Robbins (24) 34 points
2nd Bob Innes (31) 33 points
3rd Geoff Atwell (22) 33 points
Near pins Dave Ashman, Steve Durey, & Michael Brett.
Treasure Hill was the venue for the last game of the week. This is a course that is never in any danger of being called a classic layout with trees in all sorts of inappropriate places, consequently, it plays difficult with low scores the norm as was the case again today.
A lucky escape weatherwise with a downpour just after we finished play much the same as happened on Monday. Despite recent rain, the playing surface was excellent, the weather warm and sunny so no excuses apart from all the trees.
Tony Robbins took the honors today with a modest thirty-four, it’s very rare anyone posts a high score at this course. Four players finished on thirty-three with Bob Innes and Geoff Atwell taking the chocolates on countback in that order, with Les Cobban and Kevin LeBar missing out. Once again the high handicappers were the ones to claim the prizes. Three near pins were taken going to Dave Ashman, Steve Durey & Michael Brett. Remarkably Dave Ashman’s ball just crept onto the green by a whisker but a very long way from the pin.

We offer our


to Bob Innes who on Wednesday did the dastardly deed and tied the knot, we wish him and his new bride a long and happy life together.


Nov 8 til Nov 12, 2021

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Nov 132021
Monday, November 8th
Kanchanaburi Trip Day 1.
Royal Ratchaburi
1st Les Cobban (9) 39 points
2nd Niall Glover (15) 39 points
3rd Tony Robbins (24) 39 points
4th Michael Brett (14) 36 points
5th Nick Evans (12) 36 points
Near pins Bob Innes, Lance Conway-Jones, Nick Evans, & Moe
The first game of our Kanchanaburi trip was played at the Royal Ratchaburi Course. Some traveled up the day before and were fresh for the start of play while most drove up on the day. A decent roll-up of fifteen was on hand.
 A blustery day, overcast and cool with cloudy skies, not what we expected with the rainy season supposedly finished. We had two rain breaks throughout the round which slowed play a quite bit. The course was in very nice condition so no excuses on that score and in fact scores were decent under the circumstances and also quite even.
Les Cobban, Niall Glover & Tony Robbins all had thirty-nine points and finished in that order. Michael Brett took fourth on countback from Nick Evans. Lance Conway-Jones looked like running away with it having twenty-one on the front nine, only to fade away on the back. All the near pins were taken with one each to Lance Conway-Jones, Bob Innes, Nick Evans, and Moe, (not Norman), nobody knows where Larry and Curley were.
Day 2
Tuesday, November 9th
Mission Hills
1st Les Cobban (8) 35 points
2nd Michael Brett (14) 34 points
3rd Jimmy Carr (18) 34 points
Near pins, Dave Ashman, Les Cobban, The Phantom.
A new adventure for most of the group today with a game at Mission Hills Resort Course, most people had not played this course previously, and we’re looking forward to seeing what it had to offer. This is a Jack Nicklaus designed course that looked curiously much more like a Pete Dye design to the extent that it had a lot of water and even an island green.
In the past, this course rightly deserved its lofty reputation, however, today due to recent heavy rain including overnight it was not at its best, the fairways were in need of a trim and the bunkers were either flooded or washed out, nothing maintenance couldn’t fix, nonetheless, most of the group enjoyed the round but would have preferred a dryer track.
Once again Les Cobban took first place with thirty-five points and already had one hand on the tour trophy, Khun Nana will be enjoying the spoils tonight. A scratchy front nine with an improved back nine saw Michael Brett take second place from Jimmy Carr on countback. There were a couple of very low scores best forgotten. Only three near pins today with one each to Dave Ashman, and Les Cobban with a third going to a member that goes by the moniker The Phantom
Day 3
Grand Prix
1st Jimmy Carr (18) 36 points
2nd Les Cobban (8) 34 points
3rd Tony Robbins (22) 33 points
Near pins Jimmy Carr, Dave Ashman, Colin Greig, & Michael Brett
After a day of rest on Wednesday,  the  Bunker Boys resumed their tour of Kanchanaburi with their third game, this time at the wonderful Grand Prix Course. Following recent heavy rain and floods, the course had recovered remarkably well and only the bunkers were still showing the effects. All the water catchments were full to overflow, in fact, some had encroached onto the fairways but not enough to affect play. Part of the road into the course was completely washed away to the extent that a temporary bypass had to be constructed.
A bright sunny day with no threat of rain, a stiff breeze blew all day and coupled with the difficulty of the course kept scoring at a modest level. A few people lost a few balls, particularly on the eighteenth where the water came into play both off the tee and also the second shot, a couple lost more than one ball on this particular hole.
For a change, Les Cobban didn’t win today being relegated to second place by Jimmy Carr who top-scored with thirty-six points. Tony Robbins pushed the improving Colin Greig out of third place. Near pins went to Dave Ashman, Jimmy Carr, Colin Greig, & Michael Brett
Friday, November 12th
Day 4
Evergreen Hills
1st Kob Glover (23) 39 points
2nd Jimmy Carr (18) 35 points
3rd The Phantom (23) 34 points
Team winners Les Cobban & The Phantom.
Near pins Dave Ashman & Niall Glover X 2.
The final game of our trip to Kanchanaburi was played at the very nice Evergreen Hills course, the closest course to town of all the courses we played. Again a nice day for golf with warm sunshine and no threat of rain, perhaps we finally have seen the end of monsoon season. A bit of casual water o the first fairway prompted the decision to play pick, clean, and place although it was unnecessary after that.
With even numbers playing we decided to have an individual stableford competition and a two-ball team event. Scoring was average for most with the exception of Kob Glover who blew away the rest of the field with thirty-nine points. Showing great consistency Jimmy Carr followed up yesterday’s thirty-six with one less today to take second place, whilst the Phanton struck again with thirty-four points in third place. Teaming up with Les Cobban the Phantom was part of the winning team with a combined score of forty-two points. Les Cobban took out the tour champion event with two wins and a second to put distance between himself and the chasers, the two closest were Jimmy Carr and Michael Brett both on equal points some distance back. Dave Ashman took one near pin and Niall Glover took two
This was meant to be our last away trip for the year, however, there is another trip just announced that is catching people’s attention. Serenity Resort & Spa Christmas Scramble is being held in Kabin Buri on Monday, December 20th with overnight accommodation at Serenity. As always Olivier Daniel who excels with his organisational skills will no doubt make the occasion special. An “all you eat” Christmas buffet will appeal to many particularly with free-flow beer and wine included. There are some special prizes to be won including an Odyssey putter, a KBSC golf bag, and a golf bag voucher as well as a lucky dip draw gift for each participant. Anybody wishing to assemble a team or join another team should contact Tony Robbins at the earliest opportunity as this promises to be a popular event.
Kob Glover, the winner at Evergreen Hills, holding Les Cobban’s trophy
Jimmy Carr, winner at Grand Prix.
Les Cobban, tour winner.

Nov 1 til Nov 5,2021

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Nov 072021
Monday, November 1st
Mountain Shadow
1st Mashi Kaneta (19) 33 points
2nd Niall Glover (15) 33 points
3rd Jimmy Carr (18) 33 points
Near pins Niall Glover, Geoff Parker, Les Cobban, & Mashi Kaneta.
It had been some time since the Bunker Boys’ last visit to Mountain Shadow so we were not quite sure what to expect. As it turned out the fairways and greens were in excellent condition, the tee boxes were ok but the bunkers were very poor, unraked, with washouts, and with hard-packed sand. Anybody going in them faced a serious challenge to get out.
The day was bright and sunny but not too hot. By the end of the round, the skies looked threatening, and on the trip back to Pattaya it came down heavy, so a lucky escape. For just about the whole round we saw no other golfers on the course, but before we left the clubhouse one supersize group was seen on the ninth green.
Scoring was modest as usual at this course, most find it one of the more difficult courses on our roster. In another rare visit, Mashi Kaneta took first place on countback from Niall Glover and Jimmy Carr, all on thirty-three points. Niall and Mashi also bagged near pins with the two others going to Geoff Parker and Les Cobban.
Wednesday, November 3rd
Pattaya Country Club
1st Jay Babin (22) 41 points
2nd Bob Innes (31) 39 points
3rd Tony Robbins (24) 38 points
Near pins Geoff Parker, Kevin LeBar, Bob Innes, & Michael Brett.
Yesterday marked the official end of the monsoon season and right on cue we got a bright sunny day with no threat of rain for our game at Pattaya Country Club. One more time when we had a course virtually to ourselves, there were other groups out ahead and behind us but well spaced out so there were no delays in play and a speedy round was had.
As has been the case since being returfed the Pattaya Country Club course was in prime condition, with no complaints about any aspect of the course
A nice breeze blew all day keeping things cool without affecting play too much. A most curious situation came to light after the game when it was revealed that it was cheaper to play at the all-in fee using a PSC voucher rather than walk, just another one of the curiosities that crop up from time to time in Thailand.
In contrast with Monday when scores were low today we had the reverse with a lot of very good scores returned. It is noteworthy that all today’s winners were twenty-plus handicappers, could it be that the new handicap system is not working as well as one might expect?, certainly the low handicappers felt they were carrying a heavy load today.
Top of the heap was Jay Babin with forty-one points of a twenty-two handicap, Jay’s scores have a habit of fluctuating wildly over the course of the month. For some time now Jay has had his eyes firmly fixed on the golfer of the month trophy, could this be the month he breaks through?. In addition to almost grabbing a hole in one, Bob Innes took second place with a very decent thirty-nine points of his thirty-one handicap, we should see that receive a serious haircut from here on. Tony Robbins, unbelievably on a twenty-four handicap took third place with thirty-eight points. All the near pins were taken with one each going to Geoff Parker, Kevin LeBar, Bob Innes, and Michael Brett, this is a course where one expects all the near pins to be taken.
All our overseas regular visitors should note that the Club Championship is scheduled for the third week of next month and those traveling should bear this in mind when making their travel arrangements. We would love to see a big group visiting when next month we are promised that the bars will finally be open.
Friday, November 5th
1st Jimmy Carr (18) 40 points
2nd Bob Innes (30) 37 points
3rd Geoff Cox (17) 37 points
Team event, best pair Jimmy Carr & Kevin LeBar 47 points
Near pins Alan Sullivan, Geoff Parker, Les Cobban, & Jimmy Carr
The Pattavia course was very quiet for the last game of the week where had a very good roll-up. Conditions were perfect for golf, bright and sunny without being too hot. The course was in excellent condition, in particular, the greens were back to their treacherous speed and it was very difficult to hold any puts that missed close to the hole.
A mixed game today where we played a two-ball better ball competition as well as the regular individual event. Scoring was again on the very good side for the second game in a row. Jimmy Carr ripped up the course today with a score of forty points. There was a strong rumour that a bit of handicap protection took place and he scored very poorly on the last three holes, who knows what he would have scored had he kept it going to the end. Following on from his excellent score of Wednesday and with a one-stroke cut in handicap Bob Innes again claimed second place with thirty-seven points to edge out Geoff Cox on countback into third place. No heroics today from Jay Babin who had a Barry Crocker, yo-yo golf as he so often does.
Despite throwing out the anchor on the closing holes by Jimmy his partner Kevin LeBar came to the rescue to take out the team event with forty-seven points. All the near pins were taken going to Alan Sullivan, Geoff Parker, Les Cobban, and Jimmy Carr.
The first proper away trip for some time next week when we pay a visit to Kanchanaburi where we have good numbers so we are hoping for some excellent golf and a good time
Jimmy Carr, winner at Pattavia.
Big week for Bob Innes
Jay Babin, 41 points at Pattaya C C.