Nov 1 til Nov 5,2021

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Nov 072021
Monday, November 1st
Mountain Shadow
1st Mashi Kaneta (19) 33 points
2nd Niall Glover (15) 33 points
3rd Jimmy Carr (18) 33 points
Near pins Niall Glover, Geoff Parker, Les Cobban, & Mashi Kaneta.
It had been some time since the Bunker Boys’ last visit to Mountain Shadow so we were not quite sure what to expect. As it turned out the fairways and greens were in excellent condition, the tee boxes were ok but the bunkers were very poor, unraked, with washouts, and with hard-packed sand. Anybody going in them faced a serious challenge to get out.
The day was bright and sunny but not too hot. By the end of the round, the skies looked threatening, and on the trip back to Pattaya it came down heavy, so a lucky escape. For just about the whole round we saw no other golfers on the course, but before we left the clubhouse one supersize group was seen on the ninth green.
Scoring was modest as usual at this course, most find it one of the more difficult courses on our roster. In another rare visit, Mashi Kaneta took first place on countback from Niall Glover and Jimmy Carr, all on thirty-three points. Niall and Mashi also bagged near pins with the two others going to Geoff Parker and Les Cobban.
Wednesday, November 3rd
Pattaya Country Club
1st Jay Babin (22) 41 points
2nd Bob Innes (31) 39 points
3rd Tony Robbins (24) 38 points
Near pins Geoff Parker, Kevin LeBar, Bob Innes, & Michael Brett.
Yesterday marked the official end of the monsoon season and right on cue we got a bright sunny day with no threat of rain for our game at Pattaya Country Club. One more time when we had a course virtually to ourselves, there were other groups out ahead and behind us but well spaced out so there were no delays in play and a speedy round was had.
As has been the case since being returfed the Pattaya Country Club course was in prime condition, with no complaints about any aspect of the course
A nice breeze blew all day keeping things cool without affecting play too much. A most curious situation came to light after the game when it was revealed that it was cheaper to play at the all-in fee using a PSC voucher rather than walk, just another one of the curiosities that crop up from time to time in Thailand.
In contrast with Monday when scores were low today we had the reverse with a lot of very good scores returned. It is noteworthy that all today’s winners were twenty-plus handicappers, could it be that the new handicap system is not working as well as one might expect?, certainly the low handicappers felt they were carrying a heavy load today.
Top of the heap was Jay Babin with forty-one points of a twenty-two handicap, Jay’s scores have a habit of fluctuating wildly over the course of the month. For some time now Jay has had his eyes firmly fixed on the golfer of the month trophy, could this be the month he breaks through?. In addition to almost grabbing a hole in one, Bob Innes took second place with a very decent thirty-nine points of his thirty-one handicap, we should see that receive a serious haircut from here on. Tony Robbins, unbelievably on a twenty-four handicap took third place with thirty-eight points. All the near pins were taken with one each going to Geoff Parker, Kevin LeBar, Bob Innes, and Michael Brett, this is a course where one expects all the near pins to be taken.
All our overseas regular visitors should note that the Club Championship is scheduled for the third week of next month and those traveling should bear this in mind when making their travel arrangements. We would love to see a big group visiting when next month we are promised that the bars will finally be open.
Friday, November 5th
1st Jimmy Carr (18) 40 points
2nd Bob Innes (30) 37 points
3rd Geoff Cox (17) 37 points
Team event, best pair Jimmy Carr & Kevin LeBar 47 points
Near pins Alan Sullivan, Geoff Parker, Les Cobban, & Jimmy Carr
The Pattavia course was very quiet for the last game of the week where had a very good roll-up. Conditions were perfect for golf, bright and sunny without being too hot. The course was in excellent condition, in particular, the greens were back to their treacherous speed and it was very difficult to hold any puts that missed close to the hole.
A mixed game today where we played a two-ball better ball competition as well as the regular individual event. Scoring was again on the very good side for the second game in a row. Jimmy Carr ripped up the course today with a score of forty points. There was a strong rumour that a bit of handicap protection took place and he scored very poorly on the last three holes, who knows what he would have scored had he kept it going to the end. Following on from his excellent score of Wednesday and with a one-stroke cut in handicap Bob Innes again claimed second place with thirty-seven points to edge out Geoff Cox on countback into third place. No heroics today from Jay Babin who had a Barry Crocker, yo-yo golf as he so often does.
Despite throwing out the anchor on the closing holes by Jimmy his partner Kevin LeBar came to the rescue to take out the team event with forty-seven points. All the near pins were taken going to Alan Sullivan, Geoff Parker, Les Cobban, and Jimmy Carr.
The first proper away trip for some time next week when we pay a visit to Kanchanaburi where we have good numbers so we are hoping for some excellent golf and a good time
Jimmy Carr, winner at Pattavia.
Big week for Bob Innes
Jay Babin, 41 points at Pattaya C C.

Oct 18 til Oct 22, 2021

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Oct 232021
Monday, October 18th
Khao Kheow A & C.
1st Niall Glover (15) 32 points
2nd Kevin LeBar (14) 32 points
3rd Kob Glover (24) 31 points
4th Geoff Atwell (23) 31 points
Near pins Steve Durey, Geoff Atwell, & Kevin LeBar.
Pattaya enjoyed/endured a complete weekend of rain from Friday evening to early Monday morning. Even as we travelled to Khao Kheow the sky was heavy and overcast. Once again our weather guru Geoff Parker came to the rescue with a bold prediction of no rain and as it turned out he was right again. At one stage it became hot and sunny before clouding over again, nevertheless we stayed dry. We were allocated the A & C nines which we had to ourselves with no other golfers seen all day, doesn’t bode well for a course that intends to implement high season pricing from next month, today’s all in price of nine hundred and fifty baht was good value.
The course was remarkably dry given how much rain fell, nevertheless we have to implement the pick, clean, and place rule, there was absolutely no run on the fairways today. Khao Kheow was not up to the standard we have come to expect, tee boxes were shabby, and the greens were disappointing to say the least, many were bumpy and in need of remediation if they hope to have any players when the prices rise.
A countback was required to settle all the placing with Niall Glover edging out Kevin LeBar for first and second, whilst Kob Glover also took third from Geoff Atwell. None of the scores were particularly remarkable as was the expectation at the start of play. Shot of the day went to Jay Babin who on the eight par five came within a whisker of an eagle which would have given him a three for six, as it was four for five was an excellent result, could be his handicap needs some scrutiny. Three near pins going to Steve Durey, Geoff Atwell, and Kevin LeBar. The Bunker Boys split up for the rest of the week with one group going to Kabin Buri and those that stayed at home playing Chee Chan on Wednesday, and Rolling Hills on Thursday, a first for most of the Bunker Boys.
Wednesday, October 20th
Chee Chan White tees.
1st Mark On (7) 35 points
2nd Geoff Atwell (23) 34 points
3rd Les Cobban (8) 33 points
Near pins Les Cobban, Tony Plummer, & Michael Brett X 2.
Eight Bunker Boys enjoyed a real treat with a game at Chee Chan, a first for most of the group. A curious day weatherwise with a dull haze persisting all day but with no rain. The course was remarkably dry given recent rain, so much so that carts were allowed on the fairways. An all-in fee of two thousand eight hundred baht was the price to pay today, a rate that’s about to rise next month so it may be some time before we return, nevertheless everyone in attendance enjoyed the course.
Given it was the first visit for most, scores were acceptable, although most found the four hundred yard plus par fours a handful. Best of the day went to  Mark On with thirty-five points, Geoff Atwell was one adrift in second place whilst Les Cobban brought up the rear with thirty-three. All the near pins were taken with Tony Plummer and Les Cobban getting one each and Michael Brett taking two.
In Kabin Buri most of the Bunker Boys returned modest scores with only Jay Babin in form with thirty-eight points. Tony Robbins second with thirty-three whilst Bob Innes and Niall Glover both had thirty-one points,
Thursday, October 21st
Rolling Hills
For the second day in a row the Bunker Boys that didn’t go to Kabin Buri enjoyed another treat with a game at Rolling Hills with favourable all-in fees courtesy of Mark On. This is a course that needs to have been played a few times before the enjoyment sets in. More than most courses it is important to get your drive into the right area on the fairway otherwise the second shot becomes very difficult. In addition the greens are very tricky with subtle slopes and gradients that are hard to read, curiouslt some down hill puts were remarkably slow. Being the host Mark knew the course best and took the honours albeit with a modest score. Jimmy Carr took second and Michael Brett third, Les Cobban had a day best forgotten, most unusual for him, but that’s the challenge of golf.
In Kabin Buri Steve Durey was the best of the bunch with thirty-five points ahead of Tony Robbins on thirty-three and Niall Glover on thirty-two
Friday, October 22nd
Burapha C & D.
1st Geoff Parker (20) 39 points
2nd JimmyCarr (18) 33 points
3rd Michael Brett (13) 32 points
Near pins Geoff Parker, & Michael Brett
A very busy week of golf for the Bunker Boys culminated with a round at  Burapha. The course played host to the All Thailand Open tournament featuring some of Thailand’s best professionals which was being played on the A & B nines so naturally we were allocated the C & D. Due to the work put into the A & B nines to prepare for the tournament the C& D nines had been neglected. Apart from that heavy overnight rain in the area made the course damp underfoot, but the biggest problem was the bunkers, some were flooded and others had all the sand washed down to the bottom leaving ruts and unplayable areas.
Despite sleepless nights with embarrassment  as a result of his twenty handicap Geoff Parker put all that aside today to produce an excellent round of thirty-nine points to take first place, could we now see him return to a more sensible handicap?.  A full six strokes back Jimmy Carr took second with Michael Brett rounding out the top three with thirty-two. Only two near pins were taken by Geoff & Michael. Next week we return to more mundane courses except for Wednesday when we make a return to St Andrews.
Geoff Parker, winner at Burapa
Mark On, winner at Chee Chan & Rolling Hills
Jay Babin had a good few days at KBSC.

Oct 11 til Oct 15, 2021

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Oct 162021
Monday, October 11th
Emerald, Medal, White tees.
1st Niall Glover (16) Net 70
2nd Les Cobban (8) Net 73
3rd Gerry Cooney (19) Net 74
Near pins Jay Babin, Geoff Parker, Geoff Cox, & Gerry Cooney
An overcast and slightly windy day for our game at Emerald. The course was in excellent condition and continues to improve with every visit. A lot of work is continually being done to make sure the playing surfaces are well trimmed and maintained. Moreover, an all-in fee of nine-hundred and fifty baht represents excellent value. It seems like many of the local courses are now getting the message that good value will bring players to their courses whilst those that live in the Disneyland of high season pricing are not well patronised.
Continuing on his merry way from last week Niall Glover took the chocolates today with a net seventy, it seems like he is not quitting in his quest for the golfer of the month albeit early days. Another in a rich vein of form is Les Cobban who took second place with a net seventy-three whilst Gerry Cooney brought up the rear with a seventy-four. All the near pins were taken with one each going to Gerry Cooney, Geoff Cox, Geoff Parker, and Jay Babin. Jay distinguished himself by taking five putts to get his near pin in the hole, perhaps it’s a Canadian thing.
We had one of the more unusual occurrences of this pandemic period after golf when we returned to the locker rooms to find we could shower but there were no towels available, is this what is meant by new normal?,  perhaps the new way forward is to drip dry.
Wednesday, October 13th
Greenwood C & A White tees.
1st Geoff Cox (18) 36 points
2nd Geoff Parker (20) 35 points
3rd Steve Durey (19) 33 points
Near pins Steve Durey & Michael Brett.
Early morning rain and heavy skies didn’t bode well for a dry day of golf, however, our resident weather guru Geoff Parker assured us that all would be ok and as it turned out he was spot on. Despite the course allowing carts on the fairways, it turned out that the fairways  were much wetter than it appeared so no pick, clean, and place under PSC rules. This was one occasion when the rule should have been ignored as mud balls and plugged balls were very common, perhaps a bit of discretion should have been applied.
The course was surprisingly busy, partly due to the excellent green/caddie fee of seven hundred and fifty baht. A very slow round as we followed a very slow five-ball so frustration grew as the round progressed. One player, overcome with frustration, decided to throw everything but the kitchen sink at the ball and in the process completely duffed the shot. One of his playing partners, in an unsolicited critique of that swing, proffered the opinion that everything was moving except his bowels, an interesting observation!!!.
With only ten points on the front nine, Steve Durey made a remarkable recovery to take third place with thirty-three points edging out Mashi Kaneta on countback. Off a never-before-seen handicap of twenty from Geoff Parker, thirty-five points was good enough to take second place. Playing in the same group Geoff  Cox was the winner with thirty-six points in his second game in a row, perhaps with a taste of victory, he may decide to play more often. Surprisingly only two near pins were taken with one each to Steve Durey and Michael Brett.
Friday, October 15th
Parichat White tees
1st Steve Durey (19) 37 points
2nd Geoff Atwell (23) 36 points
3rd Jimmy Carr (18) 31 points
Near pins Kevin LeBar, & Niall Glover
For a change at Parichat we played normal stableford off the white tees instead of our usual rainbow. Once again quite a strong breeze blew all day making an already difficult course even more so, the greens at Parichat have to be the most difficult of any course we play even more so today when they were very slippery. We started on the back nine today, a move that found favour with many, it seems people are warmed up and ready to play by the time they reach the more difficult front nine.
Some very modest scores today, only two golfers managed to acquit themselves with any glory. First place went to Steve Durey who took the honours with thirty-seven points with Geoff Atwell one point adrift in second. Jimmy Carr managed to come out on top in a bunch of very average scores with thirty-one points in third place. He also managed to bag all three sixes, so all in all a good day for Jimmy. Only two near pins were won going to Niall Glover and Kevin LeBar.
Niall Glover, winner at Emerald
Geoff Cox, winner at Greenwood
Steve Durey, winner at his favourite course, Parichat

Oct 4 til Oct 8, 2021

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Oct 092021
Monday, October 4th
1st Niall Glover (18) 43 points
2nd Geoff Atwell (24) 39 points
3rd Michael Brett (13) 35 points
Near pins Geoff Atwell, & Geoff Parker X 2.
A hot humid day for the first game of the week at Greenvalley where we had four groups. Could it be that we are coming to the end of the monsoon season when we can enjoy rain-free golf on dry courses?. Today Greenvalley was in excellent condition so no excuses due to conditions, even the wind was absent today. A measure of how good the course was can be gauged by the fact carts were permitted on the fairways, something very few courses currently allow. Nobody to hold us up today so a nice quick round. It was surprising just how quiet the course was, we virtually had it to ourselves.
For the past couple of months Niall Glover has been threatening to take out golfer of the month and today he made a bold statement posting a score of forty-three points to say to everyone else “catch me if you can”. By any measure that was a very fine score. Geoff Atwell must be paying someone at the PSC as his handicap never seems to move off twenty-four, every week he seems to post a good score without his handicap being adversely affected nevertheless thirty-nine points is a very decent score. We have to go all the way back to thirty-five points to find third place where Michael Brett edged out Les Cobban on thirty-four, Les missed a very makeable put by his standards on the last and would have taken third place with a superior back nine. Three near pins were taken, one going to Geoff Atwell and two to Geoff Parker. The cries grow louder to play Greenvalley more often at current rates, much better value, and playing conditions than many inferior courses at higher rates.
Wednesday, October 6th
Pattaya Country Club. White tees.
1st Gerry Cooney (20) 41 points
2nd Jimmy Carr (19) 40 points
3rd Les Cobban (8) 39 points
Near pins Kevin LeBar, Jay Babin, & Les Cobban X 2.
Any notion we had that we were through monsoon season was quickly dispelled on Tuesday night when heavy widespread rain fell over Pattaya and environs through the night and into the morning. Even as we assembled at the first tee at Pattaya Country Club the skies looked dark and menacing and we felt sure we would be rained upon at some stage, however as the round wore on the skies became clearer and the temperature rose, and with it the humidity.
Despite all the rain, the course was in decent condition with only a few wet spots to contend with here and there. The biggest problem was the greens which were inconsistent in speed and some on the back nine were being sanded as we played. At just under eleven hundred baht all-in the course was very good value,
It seems of late it takes forty points or more to win at the Bunker Boys, today’s winner Gerry Cooney returned a card of forty-one points of a twenty handicap with which went a big question mark. Also, a question mark over second-placed Jimmy Carr who played off nineteen, many were asking how Jimmy managed to get such a generous handicap. The real winner today was Les Cobban who played a superb round off an eight handicap to record a score of thirty-nine, all facets of his game were on show today, he also managed to bag a  brace of near pins with Jay Babin and Kevin LeBar taking one each. Jay had his name on three but managed to hold on to only one when Les took pity on him, said he was trying to foster good Scottish/Canadian relations, not sure anyone believed him.
Friday, October 8th
1st Bob Innes (32) 42 points
2nd Niall Glover (16) 41 points
3rd Geoff Parker (19) 31 points
Near pins Tony Robbins, Niall Glover, Steve Durey, & Michael Brett.
A dull overcast day for our game at Pattavia where we found a very empty course. The weather looked ominous for most of the round but on the fifteenth, it came bucketing down. Fairways and greens were temporarily flooded and a twenty-minute break in play was required. On the resumption with just three holes to play we set off in slight rain and by the end, it was sunshine for the first time in the day.
Making a breakthrough win with the Bunker Boys Bob Innes not only topped the score sheet but in the process tore up the course with forty-two points. There have been days when Bob struggled to make twenty points but all that was a distant memory today. Continuing his good form of recent times Niall Glover took second with a very tidy forty-one points, his second  forty plus points for the week, although it’s early days he is certainly staking his claim for golfer of the month in an emphatic way. A full ten strokes back we find Geoff Parker in third place with thirty- one points. There were a couple, Kevin LeBar and Gerry Cooney who flew out of the blocks with two birdies each in the first three holes but that’s where the challenge ended for both. Given thirty-one took third one can see how poorly everyone else played, even Les Cobban who has been flying lately didn’t make an impression.
All the near pins were taken with one each going to Steve Durey, Niall Glover, Tony Robbins, and Michael Brett. Steve Dureys shot on the third par three could not have been any closer without going in the hole, what a shame to miss an ace by such a slender margin.
Winner at Greenvalley with 43 points, Niall Glover.
Gerry Cooney winner at Pattaya Country Club.
First time winner at Pattavia Bob Innes .

Sep 27 til Oct 1, 2021

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Oct 012021
Monday, September 27th
1st Les Cobban (8) 32 points
2nd Steve Durey (19) 30 points
3rd Jimmy Carr (18) 29 points
Near pins Jimmy Carr & Les Cobban
Twenty twenty-one has been a particularly difficult year for the Bunker Boys when at times our golf report looked far more like an obituary column than a sports report.  Sadly we start a new week by adding yet another name to the growing list of members who have departed our ranks this year, with the passing of Andy Brady in his native Scotland. Andy, always a delightful gentleman was possessed of a very thick Scottish brogue and had an ability to make people wet themselves with laughter when he regaled them with some of his jokes and tall tales even if they didn’t always understand what he was saying. He had a very colourful dress sense, in particular, his golf socks were legendary. Because of COVID, Andy hadn’t visited us for a couple of years and his passing came as a shock to all of us. Our condolences go to his family and friends at this difficult time, May he rest in peace.
After a weekend of rain, Monday morning dawned bright and sunny in Pattaya but unfortunately, it was not to last. The day turned out to be quite unpleasant for golf with a couple of stoppages for rain so despite nobody in front of us it took a long time to complete the round. Overall despite the rain, the course was in quite a good condition, with only the occasional plugged ball. As expected the course played long and difficult and as a result, scoring was on the disappointingly low side.
Apart from a few costly hiccups along the way, Les Cobban played a steady round to take first place with thirty-two points. Steve Durey took second with thirty points despite a wipe on the last and Jimmy Carr took third on countback. Jimmy and Les were the only ones to take a near pin with two unclaimed.
Despite very few on the golf course, the club intends to raise their rates to high season prices from next month, under current conditions, one has to question the wisdom of such a decision. With so many courses already offering better deals now and not increasing their fees in what is normally considered high season the logic is hard to fathom. An example of the different attitude of courses can be seen by Phoenix charging a special rate of seventeen hundred baht all in on Wednesday resulting in us canceling our booking and rescheduling to St Andrew’s instead at eleven hundred baht all in, not rocket science.
Wednesday, September 29th.
St Andrews Yellow tees.
1st Jay Babin (23) 45 points
2nd Gerry Cooney (20) 41 points
3rd Geoff Atwell (24) 41 points
Near pins Niall Glover, Gerry Cooney, Kevin LeBar X 2
We were scheduled to play St Andrews on the day the last lockdown started so we missed out and were pleased to return today to take up that booking on the same terms as before, eleven hundred baht all-in which is excellent value for a course of this quality. We were lead to believe the course was very wet so elected to play off the yellow tees to appease the shorter hitters. As it turned out the course was in superb condition with only a few plugged balls throughout the round and no reason to play pick, clean, and place as we did.
Some were a little tardy getting to the first tee so a five-ball got out before us and slowed play for the whole round. Unlike Monday when we had a couple of heavy showers there was no problem with rain today, only heat and humidity with which to contend.
Following Monday’s very modest scoring we had quite the opposite today with some exceptional scores returned. A couple of thirty-nines which any other day would figure on the score sheet didn’t even rate an honorable mention today. A big cut in handicap is in store for Jay Babin, today’s winner with an extraordinary score of forty-five points. Second place and third went to Gerry Cooney and Geoff Atwell in that order on countback. Niall Glover and Gerry Cooney took one near pin each with Kevin LeBar taking two.
Normally the race for the golfer of the month is a closely fought contest but not this month. After a slow start following lockdown, Michael Brett put together a run of good scores to put daylight between himself and the rest of the field and in the end created a new monthly record eclipsing the previous mark set by Robby Watts a couple of years ago.
Friday, October 1st.
Pleasant Valley.
1st Michael Brett (14) 37 points
2nd Kevin LeBar (13) 34 points
3rd Tony Robbins (22) 33 points
Near pins Jimmy Carr, Niall Glover, Jay Babin, & Michael Brett
The first Game of a new month was played at Pleasant Valley off the blue tees, probably the longest distance we have played at this course. Normally a damp course today the fairways were sodden with big pools of casual water in places and big ruts made by mowers when they would have been better served staying in the sheds. The greens were also not up to their usual standard, a bit brown in places and a bit bumpy. Under the circumstances, it was not the best option to play from the blues.
For some reason, our first group finished way ahead of the second group, possibly because there were two pedestrians in the second group, they also managed to hold up the third group who were all in carts.
Steve Durey looked like carving up the field with twenty-two on the front nine only to hit the wall and fade out of contention completely. Having got two strokes back on his handicap Tony Robbins took third place with thirty-three points on what is possibly his least favourite course. Kevin LeBar went one better to take second whilst Michael Brett got the new month off to a good start with thirty-seven points in first place. All the near pins were taken with Jay Babin, Niall Glover, Jimmy Carr, and Michael Brett taking one each.
Vale Andy Brady.
September golfer of the month and winner at Pleasant Valley Michael Brett.
Big winner at St Andrew’s with forty-five points Jay Babin.

Sep 20 til Sep24, 2021

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Sep 262021
Monday, September 20th
KBSC Yellow.
1st Jimmy Carr (18) 39 points
2nd Steve Durey (20) 37 points
3rd Niall Glover (17) 37 points
Near pins Alan Sullivan, Niall Glover, Jay Babin, & Michael Brett.
It seems like the Bunker Boys have recently been struck with a severe dose of senility. One member tripped over his own feet, fell on his ass, and hurt himself so he couldn’t make the trip to Kabin Buri today, another forgot the golden rule, ” wake up before you get up”, drove two hours to the wrong course only to find himself alone and had to go home again. One wonders what is going to happen next.
A dreary damp day for our first game at Kabin Buri where we endured drizzle for most of the front nine, a little on the back nine also but never enough to stop play. The course was in remarkably good condition despite all the rain, still wet enough to apply the pick, clean, and place rule but otherwise, in great condition. The greens were slower than they looked and considerably slower than the practice green. Because there was no run whatsoever we played off the yellow tees which were about six thousand three hundred yards, shorter than our preferred distance.
Scoring was very good under the circumstances with Jimmy Carr bouncing back to top form with an excellent score of thirty-nine points to take first place. A tie for second with Steve Durey edging out Niall Glover on countback. All the near pins were taken with Jay Babin almost scoring a hole in one, the other three went to  Alan Sullivan, Niall Glover, and Michael Brett. Alan had his name on three but only managed to hang on to one.
Tuesday, September 21st
KBSC Yellow.
1st Michael Brett (15) 39 points
2nd Jay Babin (23) 36 points
3rd Olivier Daniels (7) 35 points
Near pins Tony Robbins, Steve Durey, Roger Awad, & Michael Brett.
Having endured rain on our first day in Kabin Buri it was nice to enjoy some sunshine today. The course had dried out remarkably overnight despite more rain and was in excellent condition again, the forecast rain didn’t come till about half an hour after we finished play. With nobody in front of us, we were able to set our own pace and finished in good time.
Our host at Serenity Resort and Spa, Olivier Daniels playing some excellent golf despite the yips with the putter did enough to take third place with thirty-five points. Jay Babin who was in the frame up until the closing holes yesterday finished stronger today to take second place with thirty-six points. Despite a three-stroke cut in handicap from last week, Michael Brett did enough to take first place with thirty-nine points. He also got as close as a couple of inches from a hole in one on the last par three for a tap-in birdie, the second almost “hole in one” in two days. Tony Robbins, Steve Durey, and Roger Awad got the remaining near pins.
A big tournament is scheduled for KBSC next month with the Bunker Boys allocated two four-ball slots so we will be back in Kabin Buri much sooner than previously expected.
Wednesday, September 22nd
Lotus Valley Blue tees.
1st Michael Brett (15) 35 points
2nd Alan Sullivan (11) 34points
3rd Jay Babin (23) 33 points
Near pins Michael Brett, & Alan Sullivan X 2.
Sometimes great expectations can lead to great disappointment as they did today at Lotus Valley. The course was not in the pristine condition we have come to expect, quite the contrary, the fairways were sodden with several balls plugged and difficult to find, the rough was difficult with casual water in many places. Several greens have been lost due to possibly some root disease and may need to be returfed, they were certainly not the excellent greens we have come to expect. Overall the course looked like it had suffered from a lack of maintenance and patronage during the pandemic and was not helped by recent heavy rain.
To compound our problems someone decided we should play from the blue tees and with absolutely no run whatsoever the course proved too difficult for most with low scores the order of the day. One thing in our favour was the weather which for the most part remained rain-free. Jay Babin was one of the more consistent players on tour and made a second appearance in the winners circle taking third place with thirty-three points. Despite a poor day with the putter Alan Sullivan managed a score of thirty-four points to take second place whilst Michael Brett made it back-to-back wins with thirty points. He also managed to snag a near pin for the third day in a row with Alan taking two. Despite being on three greens again Jay missed out on all three.
Friday, September 24th
Plutaluang North & West White tees.
1st Geoff Atwell (25) 30 points
2nd Michael Brett (15) 29 points
3rd Tony Robbins (20) 27 points
Near pins Jay Babin, Dave Ashman, & Michael Brett X 2.
After a few months away we returned to Plutaluang today, this time to play the North & West nines. The course was in decent condition despite recent rain, the greens were a real challenge, variable in speed, and on the whole much slower than the practice green. The biggest challenge as always was the number of trees scattered all over the course, some in not the most appropriate places.
A major frustration today contributing to the low scores was the speed of play which was unacceptably slow. Several groups of six and more were out ahead of us which slowed down the whole field. Some players cope with this much better than others and those that don’t find it difficult to continue playing.
Four games in a week began to show on many with scoring disappointingly low. Geoff Atwell took the honours with a score of thirty points, in part due to a generous handicap of twenty-five. A good week for second-placed Michael Brett with a very modest twenty-nine. Tony Robbins took third with twenty-seven points. Jay Babin got back in the groove today with another near pin, Dave Ashman took another and Michael Brett got two, making it five for the week.
Jimmy Carr, 1st-day winner.
Mr consistency Jay Babin
Geoff Atwell winner at Plutaluang.


Sep 13 til Sep 17, 2021

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Sep 182021
Monday, September 13th
1st Michael Brett (16) 40 points
2nd Niall Glover (17) 36 points
3rd Geoff Cox (18) 34 points
Near pins Bob Innes & Jay Babin X 2.
We begin this week with a special vote of thanks to Steve Durey’s lady friend Khun Pook who put in a big shift to prepare and deliver fifty meals to the needy at Bali Hi pier last Saturday. This was following a whip-round we had at Greenwood last Monday where we raised some donations after the golf round. We intend to have another by the end of the month where we hope to double the number of handouts so all you generous people who would like to be part of this worthy cause please direct your donations to Tony Robbins. The need is still great and despite the duration of the pandemic people are not suffering charity fatigue and are still helping out where they can.
We had an expectation of bad weather heading our way from the Philippines since last week, fortunately, it seems to have stuck over Vietnam, and looks like it will fizzle out and not reach us. Today we had very pleasant conditions for our game at Greenvalley where we welcomed back one of our resident
Scotsmen Bob Innes after a long stint in the UK followed by a delightful stay in quarantine in Bangkok, he speaks very highly of his time locked up for two weeks.  We also had a rare visit by Gerry Cooney who now seems to spend most of his time up the country in Korat.
The course was in excellent condition after the lockdown break, we played pick, clean, and place but the course was so good it wasn’t necessary. A stiff breeze blew for most of the day which kept temperatures nice but added to the challenge of the course.
Following the Friday effort of forty-two points at Parichat, today’s winner Michael Brett had a two-shot cut in handicap, nevertheless, put together a respectable score of forty points to take first place. A further cut is in store for the rest of the week under Bunker Boys house rules, so the current run of good scores looks likely to end soon. Niall Glover had a solid round of thirty-six points to take second place whilst Geoff Cox took third with thirty-four points. Jay Babin who is the new whiz kid with near pins got two today with one going to Bob Innes and one to the delinquent fund which is now looking healthy after so long with the bars closed.
Wednesday, September 15th
1st Niall Glover (17) 31 points
2nd Steve Durey (20) 29 points
Near pins Kob Glover, & Niall Glover
Persistent rain through the night and into the morning meant that the limp wristed took the day off to avoid a bit of rain,  Seven hardy souls made the trip to Emerald and were rewarded with a dry day and a course that was in decent enough condition despite the rain. Some people don’t seem to understand that when it’s raining in Pattaya it is not necessarily raining elsewhere. The monsoon season should be over soon so numbers will get back to normal again.
Niall Glover set a cracking pace with nineteen points on the front nine only to fade away on the back and finish with thirty-one in first place. He still has his eyes firmly set on the golfer of the month prize and with eight games still to play he will be trying hard to chase down the leader. Second place went to Steve Durey with twenty-nine points. The near pins contest was a family affair today with Kob and Niall Glover taking one each, where was Jay Babin today? he has been killing it in the near pins in recent weeks.
All is in readiness for our first trip away for many months with a field of twelve signed up for the trip to Kabin Buri next week. Several partners are also making the trip to one of our favourite destinations Serenity Resort and Spa so a good time is expected by all. No doubt mine host Olivier Daniel will provide the usual high level of hospitality to which we have become accustomed over the years. In particular, the game at Lotus Valley on the return journey is much anticipated as it is regarded as a superior course always in great condition. This time it may be on the wet side as the water table in that area is quite high.
Friday, September 17th
Pattana Resort & Sports Club, A & C.
1st Les Cobban (8) 40 points
2nd Gerry Cooney (20) 35 points
3rd Steve Durey (20) 34 points
Near pins Gerry Cooney, Roger Awad, Les Cobban, & Michael Brett
A nice sunny day and a good course were enough to entice out fourteen golfers for the last game of the week at Pattana where we were allocated the A & C nines. Despite the amount of rain we have had recently the course was in good condition apart from the greens which were disappointing for a course of this standard, brown and bare in places and a little bumpy. A stiff breeze blew for most of the round keeping things cool but adding to the challenge of the course.
As he often does Les Cobban put on a show of precision golf today, his ball-striking was superb and as usual, his putting accurate allowing him to compile a score of forty points to take first place, he also managed to chip in on hole two for an eagle having just missed a birdie on one, so the signs were there from the start that he was going to produce something special. Gerry Cooney took second with thirty-five points whilst Steve Durey after a poor front nine recovered superbly to take third on countback, he had nineteen points after seven holes on the back nine. All the near pins were taken with one each going to Gerry Cooney, Roger Awad, Les Cobban, & Michael Brett
Charity Queen Khun Pook.
Niall Glover & Kob Glover
Les Cobban, winner at Pattana

Sep 6 til Sep 10, 2021

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Sep 122021
Monday, September 6th
Greenwood A & B
1st Nick Evans (13) 37 points
2nd Michael Brett (18) 37 points
3rd Jimmy Carr (17)  37 points
Near pins Kevin LeBar, Geoff Cox, Steve Durey, & Michael Brett
Despite being smack in the middle of monsoon season and having endured some weather of biblical proportions recently we somehow have managed to get through three consecutive games without rain interruptions, how much longer can we be so lucky?.
The first game of a new week was played at Greenwood A & B nines in hot sunny conditions. The course was very wet as expected, so plugged balls were common, luckily the pick, clean, and place rule was implemented from the off. The rough was brutal, deep, and thick, and anybody that strayed in there was severely punished if they were lucky enough to find their ball. Parts of the course were so wet the ground staff had to use whippers snippers to trim the grass, as mowers would simply have damaged the course.
Despite the difficulty of the course condition and some rust still lingering post lockdown, overall scores were generally on the improve. Countback was used to separate the top three, all finishing locked together on thirty-seven points, decent scores under the conditions. Nick Evans made his breakthrough win at the Bunker Boys with the best back nine, Michael Brett took second and Jimmy Carr third. All the near pins were taken going to Kevin LeBar, Geoff Cox, Steve Durey as usual, and Michael Brett.
Since our return to golf, we have adopted the new handicap system which it has to be said has confused everybody. At present handicaps are all over the place with some people playing poorly and still, their handicaps come down whilst others are going in the opposite direction. Perhaps it’s just teething problems but at present, it makes little sense.
Wednesday, September 8th
Pattaya Country Club
1st Steve Durey (21) 36 points
2nd Michael Brett (18) 36 points
3rd Nick Evans (12) 36 points
Near pins Nick Evans, Jimmy Carr  Kevin LeBar, & Michael Brett.
As if COVID wasn’t enough for Pattaya to deal with last night it got hit with a storm even bigger than last week’s record flood. To make matters worse it came in the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping and many businesses couldn’t sandbag their properties, consequently in several shops product was spoiled on the lower shelves and had to be thrown away. Canterbury Tales book store had to throw out thousands of books. Even our bar got flooded and some of the lockers were in water when we arrived to play. A busy weekend ahead for locals to assess the situation and remediate any damage, we can assure those with lockers that every effort will be made to minimise any impact on their bags and clubs. Throughout all this adversity Thai people have shown themselves to be remarkably resilient, they simply shrug their shoulders, clean up and carry on until the next time.
Our regular and even irregular visitors will be pleased to know that the Bunker Boys both collectively and individually are playing their part in the food relief effort in Pattaya with several donations. Welfare is virtually non-existent in Thailand so anybody wishing to contribute to a worthy cause should direct their donations to Tony Robbins who will use them to good effect. These are indeed dark days for Pattaya so all contributions are assured to go to where they are needed most and will be most welcome by the recipients.
On the small matter of golf, with the city flooded at departure time and the outlook not too bright a few hardy souls decided to take a chance and brave the elements. Of course, the girlie men stayed away, a little rain was too much for them. It was still raining slightly when we got to the course but after a coffee break, we were off to the first tee and played a full round without any further rain in what were very pleasant conditions for golf under the circumstances.
The fairways were sodden in places and ok in others, the greens were absolutely fine.
In a curious turn of events we had a three-way tie at the top for the second game in a row with Steve Durey, Michael Brett, and Nick Evans all on thirty-six points and placed in the same order. All the near pins were taken with one each to Nick Evans, Jimmy Carr, Kevin LeBar, and Michael Brett. With another tropical storm currently over the Phillippines heading our way and expected to hit by the weekend, we may encounter even more difficulty for Friday’s game.
Friday, September 10th
Parichat, Rainbow.
1st Michael Brett(18) 42 points
2nd Steve Durey (21) 37 points
3rd Geoff Atwell (25) 36 points
Near pins Niall Glover, Steve Durey, Geoff Atwell, & Alan Sullivan.
The storm hitting The Philippines on Wednesday has moved slower than expected and is currently over central Vietnam and into Cambodia so by tomorrow we should feel its wrath. In the meantime, we enjoyed yet another day of rain-free golf at Parichat where as usual we played our monthly rainbow round. The course was wet as expected but not overly so and the greens were remarkably dry playing fast and true.
The rust following the five-week break is now well and truly gone and better scores are being returned. Geoff Atwell put together a nice round of thirty-six points to take third place. The ever consistent Steve Durey went one better than his Wednesday score with a fine thirty-seven points whilst the winner Michael Brett off a handicap that is hard to fathom made it to the top today with a score of forty-two points. Again all the near pins were taken with one each going to Niall Glover, Steve Durey, Geoff Atwell, and Alan Sullivan.
Nick Evans debut win at Greenwood.
Steve Durey winner at Pattaya Country Club.
Michael Brett, winner at Parichat

Sep 1 til Sep 3, 2021

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Sep 062021
Wednesday, September 1st
1st Tony Robbins (19) 36 points
2nd Geoff Cox (17) 35 points
3rd Michael Brett (16) 34 points
Near pins Jay Babin, Steve Durey, & Kob Glover.
After several weeks of solitary confinement, it was a delight to get back on the golf course again today and recover a bit of sanity and normality. For a period it looked like our return might be spoiled by the weather today as it rained all night and into the morning, luckily the weather gods smiled on us and it remained dry throughout the game. After we had finished the rain did eventually come as we drove back from the course to Pattaya, those that finished after us got a good soaking.
As expected, following a long layoff scoring was modest with plenty of rusty shots on display. Despite a scratchy round with four wipes Michael Brett managed to cobble together a score of thirty-four to take third place. Geoff Cox in one of his rare appearances went one better to take second with thirty-five points whilst Tony Robbins won the day with thirty-six points. Three near pins were taken by Steve Durey, Jay Babin, and Kob Glover.
With only one game played in August, Roger Awad was declared golfer of the month with a magnificent score of forty-two points at Greenvalley, (twenty-six) on the front nine, that alone was worth something. That had to be the easiest win ever in the race for the golfer of the month.
Having wasted so much time recently in hibernation the Bunker Boys decided to jump straight back into tour mode with a trip organised to Kabin Buri later this month, as usual staying at our favorite accommodation, Serenity Resort, and Spa for two nights with two games at Kabin Buri Country Club. On the return journey, we play a game at the beautiful Lotus Valley Course, another rare treat. Yet another trip to Kanchanaburi is in the planning stages, possibly late October or early November.
With the Thai government vaccination program proceeding at pace and a possible opening up of Thailand to tourism in October being mooted, now may be an opportune time for our regular Winter visitors from the UK and other parts to start planning a visit to the “City of Fun”. We would love to be able to welcome back many old faces and renew old acquaintances. The golf will be as enjoyable as ever, the weather nice and warm, and the beer icy cold, everything else is as they say in Thailand “up to you”.
Friday, September 3rd
Khao Kheow A & B
1st Kob Glover (21) 35 points
2nd Michael Brett (17) 32 points
3rd Geoff Parker (18) 30 points
Near pins Geoff Parker & Kob Glover X 2.
A bright sunny day for our second game back, this time at Khao Kheow where we were allocated the A & B nines. An all-in deal of nine hundred and fifty baht meant everyone had a cart, Khao Kheow is a course that seems keen to maximise the utility of carts, consequently, the course was very busy, clearly, a strategy that works and one other courses might do well to copy.
Unfortunately, we had a couple of very slow five balls out ahead of us that made our round tediously slow bordering on five hours, otherwise, a pleasant day was had by all.
The combination of slow play and a bit of rust still hanging about made for poor scoring again. Only Kob Glover mastered the conditions compiling a tidy thirty-five points. Once again a bunch of wipes cruelled what might otherwise been a decent score for Michael Brett who took second with a lowly thirty-two. In his first game for about six weeks Geoff Parker made a welcome return to golf sporting a very spiffy new haircut, barely recognisable taking third place with thirty points. Geoff also managed to snag a near pin with Kob Glover taking two. It has to be said the lady’s tees were significantly further forward than the yellows, nevertheless you still have to get the ball close to take one.

Jul 19 til Jul 21, 2021

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Jul 232021
Monday, July 19th
Treasure Hill
1st Geoff Atwell (22) 31 points
2nd Kob Glover (21) 27 points
3rd Jimmy Carr (16) 26 points
Near pins Kob Glover, Peter Kelly, & Kevin LeBar X 2
A mild overcast day for the first game of the week at Treasure Hill. Once again everyone availed of the all-in deal of eleven hundred and fifty baht so the speed of play was good. An added bonus was a voucher to the value of one hundred baht was included. Very few other golfers could be seen on the course.
As always the course was difficult made more so by a stiff breeze so scoring was even more disappointing than normal. A very modest score of thirty-one points was the best that anyone could muster with Geoff Atwell being the winner. Kob Glover was back in the winner’s circle again in second place with twenty-seven points while Jimmy Carr took third, one of several on a lowly twenty-six points. All the near pins were taken with one each to Peter Kelly and Kob Glover with Kevin LeBar taking two.
We are not sure how much longer golf will be allowed as COVID numbers stay stubbornly high and increasing restrictions are being put in place, it’s a day-to-day prospect at present.
Wednesday, July 21st
Plutaluang E & S
1st Tony Robbins (18) 33 points
2nd Geoff Cox (17) 30 points
3rd Niall Glover (16) 30 points
Near pins Niall Glover, Geoff Cox, & Michael Brett.
After some months away the Bunker Boys made a return to Plutaluang where we choose to play the East & South nines, arguably the tougher of the two courses available. The day was nice and sunny and not too hot so pleasant conditions for play. The course was just about as one expects, fairways and greens ok but the rough and bunkers a different proposition particularly the bunkers where the course dogs spend much of their time. A stiff breeze kept everyone on their toes with several players ending up in places they would rather not be when the wind was across the fairways.
Scoring was again disappointing with nobody grasping the nettle and overpowering the course. Best score of the day was thirty-three points from Tony Robbins. Two were tied on thirty and separated on countback with Geoff Cox edging out Niall Glover. Geoff Atwell looked like might make a dash for the line with consecutive four and three-point holes but fell away over the back nine. Three near pins went to Niall Glover, Geoff Cox, and Michael Brett.
Despite being in varying levels of lockdown for the past ten weeks COVID numbers remain stubbornly high so the Governor of Chon Buri has decided to extend measure to curtail its spread, measures that include closure of golf courses, so for the foreseeable future the city of fun remains the city of very little or no fun.
With no more golf likely for the rest of the month and Jimmy Carr holding an unassailable lead its inevitable that in the fullness of time Jimmy will be crowned July golfer of the month.