Feb 6 til Feb 10, 2023

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Feb 152023
Monday, February 6th
Treasure Hill
1st Kob Glover (16) 35 points
2nd Neil Jones (23) 32 points
3rd Sean Murphy (27) 31 points
4th Craig Dows (4) 30 points
5th John Hughes (21) 30 points
6th Daryl Vernon (20) 30 points
Near pins Paul Smith, Steve Evans, Les Cobban, & Graham Davis.
The first game of the week was played at Treasure Hill where it has to be said the winner on the day was the course, nobody once again came to grips with it, although the winner Kob Glover put in a decent effort to take first place with thirty-five points. It was also a day for the high handicappers to shine with the only low handicapper Craig Dows off a four-handicap the only one in the winner’s list in fourth place. Neil Jones and Sean Murphy were in second and third place respectively. John Hughes and Daryl Vernon rounded out the winners list both with thirty points.
Despite the number of times we play this course scores continue on the low side, perhaps we have to wait for Robby Watts to resume playing before we see a good score. Near pins went to Paul Smith, Steve Evans, Les Cobban, and Graham Davis.
With an eye to the future, we are already looking at venues for an away trip during Songkran, those who wish to participate should indicate their preferred option to Niall Glover as soon as possible. At this stage the preferred options seem to be either West Bangkok or Khao Yai, either one has multiple choices of courses and prices, so get your vote in early to Niall.
Wednesday, February 8th
1st Geoff Parker (22) 39 points
2nd Bil Richardson (17) 38 points
3rd Mike Smith (19) 37 points
4th Neil Griffin (28) 37 points
5th Raleigh Gosney (21) 35 points
6th Daryl Vernon (20) 35 points
7th Les Cobban (12) 34 points
Near pins Ron McKinley, Craig Dows, Niall Glover, & Keith Hemmings.
An equal biggest field for the year of thirty-three for the mid-week game at Greenvalley. Just like last time we had a wait for caddies but this time nowhere near as long as last time. We thought we may have to share caddies again but they found sufficient for everybody.
The course was in quite good condition but the pace of play was pedestrian at best. Despite that, some very respectable scores were returned none better than Geoff Parker who rolled the clock back to post his best score for some time, thirty-nine points were enough for first place. one stroke back Bil Richardson took second place and looks like he is about to hit form again. Mike Smith took third on countback from Neil Griffin. Raleigh Gosney made another appearance on the winner’s list in fifth place beating Daryl Vernon on countback
Les Cobban rounded out the winner’s list in seventh place with thirty-four points. Near pins went to Craig Dows, Ron McKinley, Niall Glover, and an embarrassed Keith Hemmings who got the final one despite only barely being on the
green, still that’s all you need to do when nobody got any closer despite it being a relatively simple par three.
Friday, February 10th
1st Ken Davidson (25) 45 points
2nd Chris Whitehead (6) 38 points
3rd Craig Dows (4) 37 points
4th Geoff Parker (21) 36 points
5th Paul Smith (4) 35 points
6th Graham Davis (9) 35 points
Near pins Lena, Daryl Vernon, Roger Tuohy, Mike Smith
Another good turnout of thirty-two for the last game of the week at Pattavia where the standard of play was very high. A remarkable score of forty-five points saw Kan Davidson take first place. That is the highest score for a very long time and while Ken is doing his bit for Liverpool in these trying times he can look forward to a substantial cut in handicap. In his first game with the Bunker Boys visitor, Chris Whitehead took second place with thirty-eight points. In his second last game of this visit, Craig Dows took third with thirty-seven points. Once again Geoff Parker was in top form today and took fourth place with a tidy thirty-six points. Paul Smith and Graham Davis were locked together on thirty-five points and finished in that order on countback.
Another visitor only known as Lena took the first near pin with the other three going to Daryl Vernon, Roger Tuohy, and Mike Smith.
In feedback so far regarding our Songkran away trip, it looks like the preferred option is Kabin Buri, Royal Hills, and Watermill, nothing is set in concrete yet so still time to get in votes.

Jan 30 til Feb 3, 2023

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Feb 042023
Monday, January 30th
Silky Oak
1st Steve Evans (12) 39 points
2nd Daryl Vernon (21) 36 points
3rd Niall Glover (12) 35 points
4th Neil Jones (24) 35 points
Near Pins Alan Howard, Mike Lloyd, Bil Richardson, Niall Glover, & Paul Smith.
The last game of January was played at the Silky Oak course, in cool and windy conditions. Several opted not to play this course as they either don’t like it or had difficulty with some of the carries, a couple of others took part in a special event at Pattaya Country Club, nevertheless, we had a decent field of nineteen players
The day began with much frustration as a lack of caddies at Barcelona Valley meant a delay of almost an hour before we could get away. When we did finally get going the pace of play was acceptable and we completed the round in about four hours. Many who live here are cursing the impact high season is having on local golf with high pricing, long delays, and slow rounds, some even express concern that this high season will last much longer than normal with pent-up demand for travel after a couple of years of restrictions.
Steve Evans took first place today with an excellent round of thirty-nine points. Daryl Vernon took second place with a very tidy round of thirty-six points. Niall Glover and Neil Jones both finished in that order on countback with rounds of thirty-five points each. All five near pins were won going to Alan Howard, Mike Lloyd, Bil Richardson, Niall Glover, and Paul Smith. Despite a superb back nine of twenty-two points, Mike Lloyd just missed out on a place on the leaderboard.
Having played high-quality consistent golf all month Daryl Vernon took out his first golfer of the month trophy with daylight to second place.
Being the very kind respectful gentleman that he is Gordon Melia marked his fifty-second wedding anniversary to his beautiful wife Marion by ringing the bell, lets have many more anniversaries to come for Marion and Gordon.
Having seen four holes in one last year, this year’s competition got off to a flying start with Craig Dows nailing the first of the year at Pattaya Country Club on hole twelve where he put a nine iron to the green straight into the hole, unfortunately for Craig, his name doesn’t go on the honour board as he was not part of the Bunker Boys competition. How many more will we see this year, can we beat last year’s total?
Wednesday, February 1st
Soi Dao Highlands Resort Course. Day 1.
1st Hubert Stiefenhofer (21) 37 points
2nd Craig Dows (4) 35 points
3rd Michael Brett (18) 31 points
Near pins.Richard Benson, Alan Sullivan, Herbert Stiefenhofer & Michael Brett.
The annual trip to Soi Dao took place this year on the 1st and 2nd of February with a lower-than-normal number taking part. Each year Soi Dao has ratcheted up the price both for accommodation and golf so consequently the smaller number, this may in fact be the last year we undertake this trip. Whilst the trip is a very pleasant break from Pattaya the increasing cost is a barrier for several members coupled with the fact many have undertaken this trip several times and are looking for new venues to explore.
Once again a crowded course and a slow round. The course was difficult. in particular, the greens were very quick and some of the pin placements were about as difficult as it was possible to make them. Only two golfers got respectable scores. With nine points on two holes, Hubert Stiefenhofer took first place with thirty-seven points. Craig Dows took second two back and Michael Brett took third with a lowly thirty-one points Near pins went Hubert Stiefenhofer, Richard Benson, Alan Sullivan, and Michael Brett.
Soi Dao Day 2.
1st Hubert Stiefenhofer (21) 33 points
2nd Bil Richardson (16) 32 points
3rd Craig Dows (4) 31 points
Near pins Bil Richardson & Michael Brett X 3.
The pin placements on the greens were the same as yesterday, so despite the benefit of having already played the course nobody played it any better, quite the contrary. With everyone having stayed at the resort overnight they were fresh and rested although some may have overindulged in the red wine and were possibly suffering the aftereffects which may also account for the lower scoring. An early start on the back nine meant we got away on time and finished in just over four hours;
Hubert Stiefenhofer came out on top for the second day in a row albeit with a lower score of thirty-three points, needless to say, he also won the golfer of the tour award, something he has done before. Bil Richardson was out early to the practice range which clearly paid off as he took second place with Craig Dows taking third with thirty-one points. Again all the near pins were taken with Bil Richardson taking one and Michael Brett taking three.
Friday, February 3rd
1st Bobby Collis (20) 37 points
2nd Ken Davidson (26) 36 points
3rd Dave Ashman (29) 34 points
4th Les Cobban (12) 34 points
5th Geoff Parker (21) 33 points
6th Steve Evans (11) 32 points
Near pins Paul Smith, Craig Dows, Steven Lewis, & Les Cobban.
The biggest group of the year so far with thirty-four making their way to Ban Chang for the last game of the week at the Emerald course. It felt like a particularly long week for some with our leader Niall playing five games in a row. As usual Emerald was in mediocre condition, the Faldo design with moguls and hollows is not to everybody’s taste.
Scoring was decent by Emerald standards with several putting in a decent effort. A day for the high handicappers to shine and a breakthrough win for Bobby Collis taking first place with thirty-seven points. Ken Davidson took second place with a fine round of thirty-six points Part-time resident of Ban Chang Dave Ashman took third place with thirty-four points beating Les Cobban into fourth place on countback. It’s most unusual to see Les playing of a handicap of twelve when his usual handicap is eight, he must be due to hit some form soon and get back where he belongs. Geoff Parker was next in line in fifth place with thirty-three points with Steve Evans rounding out the winner’s list with thirty-two points. Again with a large field, it was expected that all the near pins would be taken which they were going to Paul Smith, Craig Dows, Les Cobban, and Steven Lewis.

Jan 23 til Jan25, 2023

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Jan 292023
Monday, January 23rd
Khao Kheow
Club Championship 2022 1st round
1st Niall Glover (12) Net 72
2nd Gerry Cooney (25) Net 72
3rd Jay Babin (23) Net 73
4th Mike Smith (19) Net 76
5th Daryl Vernon (22) Net 76
6th Kevin LeBar (17) Net 76
7th Ken Davidson (27) Net 76
Near pins Gary Smith, Kob Glover, Craig Dows, and Mashi Kaneta.
The deferred 2022 Club Championship was played today at Khao Kheow C & A nines or at least the first round of it and what an unmitigated disaster it turned out to be. With golf bags piling up at the drop area on our arrival and no caddies anywhere to be seen the signs were ominous. Little did we know that it would be two hours and fifteen minutes later before we got the first couple of groups away followed by more waiting before the remaining groups could begin their rounds. By this stage most were too tired of waiting to care anymore.
Profuse apologies from course management rang hollow as we saw hoards of people from below the DMZ embarking on their second round of the day having stopped for lunch while we waited to get our round going. It was decided at the time that the club championship will never again be deferred to the following year as courses are too crowded and anyone wishing to participate should plan their trips from mid-December at the latest. The net effect of all the waiting was a very late finish with light fading and a very disgruntled group.
Unsurprisingly scores for the day were very low with only Niall Glover, Jay Babin, and Mike Smith putting in a decent shift. At least four others as listed found their way into the winner’s circle. All the near pins were taken again as listed above. Most found the course very difficult today, probably having more to do with mindset rather than the course itself.
In a break with tradition, the second round will be held on Friday at Greenwood with a midweek game in between at Emerald. We will be hoping for a much better day on Friday, hope springs eternal.
Wednesday, January 25th
1st Stephen Lewis (24) 35 points
2nd Mike Lloyd (14) 34 points
3rd Niall Glover (12) 34 points
4th Stuart Tinkler (18) 34 points
5th Gerry Cooney (24) 33 points
Near pins Paul Smith, Dave Ashman, Gary Smith, & Michael Brett.
What a difference a change of venue makes compared to Monday. Today we had the course virtually to ourselves with no delays. Some of the joy of golf returned today, but only some, a very strong wind blew all day and the course played tough as evidenced by the low scoring. The greens were quick and most of the pin placements were about as difficult as it was possible to make them resulting in low scores by Emerald standard.
It was very tight on the leaderboard with only two points separating the first five players. A relative newcomer, Stephen Lewis took first place with thirty-five points. Mike Lloyd, Niall Glover, and Stuart Tinkler finished in that order all on thirty-four points, with Gerry Cooney bringing up the rear with thirty-three points. Competition for near pins was keen with a couple just edging in by narrow margins, the winners being Paul Smith, Dave Ashman, Gary Smith, and Michael Brett.
After two games of relatively low scoring this week, can someone raise the standard for the second round of the club championship on Friday? either way, a big night is expected at the bar.
Friday, January 27th
Club Championship round 2.
1st Jay Babin (23) Net 67
2nd Les Cobban (12) Net 68
3rd Daryl Vernon (22) Net 69
4th Michael Brett (18) Net 70
5th Steve Evans (13) Net 71
6th Gary Smith (10) Net 74
Near pins Kob Glover, Neil Hurst, Colin Greig, & Kevin LeBar.
Overall Club Champion 2022.
1st Jay Babin Net 140
2nd Daryl Vernon Net 145
3rd Niall Glover Net 147
A cool and windy day at Greenwood for the second round of the club championship where we were allocated the A & B nines.None of the horrendous delays of the first round with play starting on time and the round completed without any delays or holdups. As always the Greenwood course was in nice condition so apart from the wind conditions were perfect for golf.
A much higher standard than the first round where competition for places was fiercely contested with a couple very close. Having come very close in the second round at Pattaya Country Club last year, Jay Babin went all the way today with a very fine round of net sixty-seven to not only win the day but also the club championship. Les Cobban was only one stroke back in second place
with Daryl Vernon a further stroke back in third. Fourth place went to Michael Brett with a net seventy while Steve Evans took fifth with a net seventy-one. Gary Smith completed the winners list with a net seventy-four. Kob Glover, Neil Hurst, Kevin LeBar, and Colin Greig all got a near pin each.
Jay Babin was a full five points clear at the top of the club champion race with Daryl Vernon battling hard to take second place, Daryl looks likely to take out the first golfer of the month trophy with only one game left. Niall Glover conceding too many points on handicap had too much to do to make up the difference and finished third in the club championship, still a very worthy challenge.
Back at the Sports Lounge we almost had to move out the walls to fit everybody in, nevertheless, our host Terry and his staff did a splendid job catering to the hoards, Terry generously provided free dinnerof pie, chips, and peas which went down a treat. It looked like the biggest crowd ever in the Lounge and a testament to the value of our new home on main street where we continue to attract new golfers just about every day.

Jan 16 til Jan 20 , 2023

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Jan 212023
Monday, January 16th
Treasure Hill
1st Daryl Vernon (24) 39 points
2nd Neil Jones (26) 35 points
3rd Craig Dows (4) 33 points
4th Neil Hurst (9) 33 points
5th Jimmy Carr (19) 33 points
6th Niall Glover (12) 33 points
Near pins Paul Smith, Steve Evans, Kob Glover, & Roland Davison.
Back to Treasure Hill for the second time this month, in this high season of crazy pricing, some courses appear with monotonous regularity on our playing roster, hopefully by the end of the month sanity will return and we can return to the roster we have become accustomed to with courses like Bangpra, Khao Kheow, Pattaya Country Club and Pattana on our monthly schedule.
Treasure Hill would not be among most people’s favourite courses, although to be fair it is always in very good condition, if course management could be cajoled into removing a couple of the most offensive trees it would be a much more popular course.
Overall scores were very good for this course, you rarely see anybody burn it up, unlike today when Daryl Vernon did just that with a superb round of thirty-nine points, the second big win for Daryl in recent weeks. Another in good form Neil Jones took second with a very respectable thirty-five points, a score that most days would be good enough to win at Treasure Hill. Craig Dows, Neil Hurst, Jimmy Carr, and Niall Glover were all locked together on thirty-three points and finished as listed. Good to see the prodigal son Jimmy Carr back with the Bunker Boys again, does this mean he is back to stay, we certainly hope so as he has contributed so much to the Bunker Boys over many years. Kob Glover, Roland Davison, Steve Evans, and Paul Smith all got near pins.
Wednesday, January 18th
Bangpakong Riverside
1st Neil Hurst (😎 42 points
2nd Daryl Vernon (23) 40 points
3rd Kob Glover (16) 38 points
4th Jimmy Carr (19) 38 points
5th Mike Lloyd (14) 36 points
Near pins Kob Glover, Phil Mashiter, & Neil Hurst X 2.
Bangpakong is a course notorious for price gouging, hence the reason we haven’t been there for such a long time. On our last visit, we were advised that our booking price was not correct and we had to pay more, that was despite our price being clearly displayed on a monitor behind the booking clerk. When this was pointed the clerk with egg all over her face conceded to our original booked price. Imagine the lost revenue from the Bunker Boys in the interval, once again the law of unintended consequences at play.
Today was not a happy return to Bangpakong with the round taking about five hours and fifteen minutes to complete. This was way too long and took most of the joy out of what could have been a great day. As always the course was in superb condition, even better than before as the waste areas installed for some crazy reason have all been removed again and the course restored to its former glory. The greens had been cored and sanded some time ago and are not yet back to their best, still very good though.
It usually takes a big score to win here and we had several today, none better than Neil Hurst with a superb round of forty-two points. Showing that Monday’s performance was no flash in the pan Daryl Vernon went one better today taking second place with forty points. Kob Glover struck again with thirty-eight points to take third from Jimmy Carr on countback. Fresh back from the UK Mike Lloyd rounded out the scoring with a very tidy thirty-six points. Naturally, Kob Glover took a near pin with Phil Mashiter taking the long seventh with Neil Hurst taking both on the back nine.
By the time we had finished this marathon, the downstairs bar had closed leaving several hanging out for a coffee, with hundreds still out on the course a big business opportunity was lost. The pro shop at Bangpakong has some of the best golfing merchandise of any course we play and although they have very expensive golf shirts they also carry a reasonable stock of stylish, colourful shirts at reasonable prices.
Friday, January 20th
1st Colin Greig (15) 38 points
2nd Alan Sullivan (12) 36 points
3rd Ken Davidson (28) 36 points
4th Neil Hurst (7) 35 points
5th Niall Glover (12) 35 points
6th Neil Jones (25) 35 points
Near pins Stuart Tinkler, Craig Dows, Dave Galvin, & Colin Greig.
Our second visit to Pattavia this month although very few were complaining as it’s a favourite course of many. A very solid roll-up today with thirty-one players in attendance. Nothing to be said about the course that hasn’t already been said. Today was the last chance to do some fine-tuning prior to the club championship next week
Some very fine scoring with only three points separating first from sixth. Head of the group with thirty-eight points Colin Greig took first place, a cut in handicap is on its way. In a rare visit to the Bunker, Alan Sullivan took second place with
thirty-six points edging out Ken Davidson on countback. Neil Hurst, Niall Glover, and Neil Jones were locked together on thirty-five and placed in that order. All the near pins were taken with one each to Stuart Tinkler, Colin Greig, Craig Dows, and a sneaky one from Dave Galvin, his first appearance on the winner’s sheet this visit, no doubt there will be more.
In recent weeks a few players signaled their intent for the club championship with some excellent rounds, Daryl Vernon, Ken Davidson, Neil Hurst, and Colin Greig all showing up well in the lead-up. Kob Glover has gone quiet lately after a run of good scores, perhaps she is keeping her powder dry for the big one, wouldn’t it be something special to crown our first lady club champion!


Jan 9 til Jan 13,2023

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Jan 162023
Monday, January 9th
Greenwood C & B
1st Neil Jones (27) 41 points
2nd Hubert Stiefenhofer (21) 36 points
3rd Sam Gershon (18) 36 points
4th Mark Hayward (20) 36 points
5th Kob Glover (16) 36 points
Near pins Kob Glover, Craig Dows, & Sam Gershon X 2.
The biggest group this year ( twenty-seven) played the first game of the week at Greenwood on the C & B nines. To our surprise, there were not enough caddies when we arrived at the course so a bit of a delay in getting sorted out so that at least the lead groups could get away while those at the back waited for caddies to become available.
The course was in nice condition as always at Greenwood, but a strong wind blew all-day making for some difficult shots depending on the direction of the wind.
Apart from Neil Jones who had a very strong game with forty-one points to win, the rest of the winner’s circle were all bunched together on thirty-six points and placed as listed above. No doubt Neil Jones and Mark Hayward will come to the attention of the handicapper after recent performances. Having dropped six strokes to handicap in the last year Kob Glover looks very comfortable with her current sixteen handicap and on this form looks like a real dark horse to take out the club championship in a few weeks’ time. Kob also took a near pin today with Craig Dows while Sam Gershon got two.
Wednesday, January 11th
St Andrews
1st Colin Greig (14) 38 points
2nd Craig Dows (4) 37 points
3rd Alan Harris (10) 36 points
4th Paul Smith (1) 35 points
5th Hubert Stiefenhofer (21) 34 points
Near pins Colin Greig, Hubert Stiefenhofer, John Turnbull, & Herbert Felder.
Having threatened all day the rain came tumbling down in torrents on the closing holes to such an extent that the course became flooded and the last two groups failed to finish, this is the first time in months that we have had a rain-affected game.
Another day when we had a delayed start due to a lack of caddies, had we not had to wait for then we would have probably missed the rain, many residents are longing for the low season when we don’t encounter those kinds of issues, and also lower pricing.
Once again we had a breakaway group of eight who for reasons best known to themselves decided to play elsewhere, henceforth they shall be known as LIV golf society, nevertheless, the bulk of the Bunker Boys in a group of twenty-four took up the challenge of St Andrews which some handled much better than others. Playing with a dodgy knee and an even more dodgy handicap Colin Greig took first place with thirty-eight points, does anyone see a pattern here leading into the club championship?, Colin confirmed the old adage “beware the injured golfer”. Craig Dows took second place a stroke back. Straight from a late arriving plane from the UK and with sleep in his eyes, Alan Harris was right on song with thirty-six points. Paul Smith no longer off scratch took fourth with thirty-five points. Despite missing the last two holes Hubert Stiefenhofer had done enough to take the final spot in the winner’s list with thirty-four points. Colin Greig, Hubert Stiefenhofer, John Turnbull, and Herbert Felder all got near pins.
Some fake news about new rule changes has been circulating recently, anyone who was compos mentis would have seen that it was all a stitch-up despite some of the proposed changes making a modicum of sense.
Due to the vast numbers of visiting golfers from varying locations and one in particular we have been forced to revise our schedule for the club championship. The new arrangements are as follows, 1st round at Khao Kheow on Monday, January 23rd with an 11.25 tee time, 2nd round at Greenwood on Friday, January 27th with an 11.00 tee time. A limit of thirty players had to be imposed as courses cannot accommodate a bigger number, although this may change again as it seems unacceptable to have to play five-balls and also unfair to bar people who put in a late entry. It is possible that we have to postpone the competition till we can find suitable courses that can accommodate the required number of players.
Friday, January 13th
Mountain Shadow
1st Kob Glover (16) 37 points
2nd Hubert Stiefenhofer (21) 35 points
3rd Craig Dows (4) 33points
4th Steve Evans (11) 33 points
5th Jimmy Carr (19) 33 points
6th Gerry Cooney (25) 32 points
Near pins Craig Dows, Les Cobban, Jay Babin, & Paul Smith
The Mountain Shadow Course is to be congratulated for having the most sensible and pragmatic approach to pricing during the high season. A three hundred baht fee for carts ensures that far more people use them providing greater revenue to the course, greater utility of carts, and faster rounds. More courses would do well to follow their lead. Also, there was no waiting for caddies today so we got away on time.
By Mountain Shadow standards scoring was as good or better than normal. Despite several Bunker Boys missing today we still had a good turnout with
thirty-one players listed to play. In a very rich vein of form recently Kob Glover took pride of place at the top of the results sheet with thirty-seven points. Another in good nick, Hubert Stiefenhofer took second with thirty-five points, his third time on the winners list this week. Craig Dows, Steve Evans, and Jimmy Carr were locked together on thirty-three and placed in that order on countback. The final place on the winner’s list went to the ageless Gerry Cooney with thirty-two points, Gerry is now officially the older Bunker Boy still playing at the ripe old age of eighty, long may he continue. All the near pins were won unsurprisingly in such a big field with one each going to Craig Dows, Les Cobban, Jay Babin, and Paul Smith.
A few more of our regular seasonal visitors turned up today in some cases after a three-year break, including Gordon Melia carrying an arm injury, Eddie Kelly, and others.