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Bunker Boys Home Base – Google Map to Prow & Pan’s Bar

The Bunker Boys Golf Society are based out of Prow & Pan’s Bar ( formally Woodys Bar) on Skaw Beach Rd off Soi Buakow (behind Tree Town) in Pattaya, Thailand. We golf every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We meet at Prow & Pan’s Bar between 9am and 9:30am, can have coffee or juices, we provide transport to and from each golf outing, and we have our golf presentation at 7pm. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. The Bunker Boys is one of the oldest Golf Societies operating in Pattaya having been organizing friendly competitive golf for over 25 years. We play every Monday, Wednesday and Friday all year round.

One of the big advantages of playing with the Bunker Boys is that we play a variety of courses at competitive prices, there is no membership fee, transport is provided and there is no pre booking. Turn up before 9 30 am at Prow & Pan’s Bar and you will get a game. Presentations are at Prow & Pan’s Bar at 7.00pm. In addition to the regular weekly golf trips are organized during the year to courses at Kabinburi, Kanchanaburi, Hua Hin , Kao Yai and Soi Dao.

Bunker Boys Golf Schedule


Come and enjoy your golf in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. From the time you arrive at our resident host Prow & Pan’s Bar , Soi Skaw Beach just behind Tree Town” you will have access to all necessities. A breakfast from nearby cafes, transport to and from the course, evening meals available to order in, infinite selections of beverages and lots more. Our goal is simple, we want you to enjoy your day and make you feel part of our society. There is no membership, there are no society fees, and there are no demands. From the beginner to the Pro, everyone is welcome to come and experience the hospitality our unique society offers. As we say “paradise has no favoritism”.


Who Are We?

The Bunker boys is affiliated with the Pattaya Sports Club; we along with most societies here in Pattaya are handicapped via the PSC to the USGA. We are located at the Prow & Pan’s Bar , Soi Skaw Beach just behind Tree Town. The Bunker Society plays golf Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We meet around 9.00am for breakfast. Last call for participation is no later than 9:35am and we hit the road at around 9:45am. Tee off is normally 11.00am.

​Golf societies here in Pattaya cater for differing preferences for the people that participate. Some play very early. Some have the presentation at the golf course. We pride ourselves on making a day of it. There is transport that returns back on completion of the round, however in general we tend to hit the 19th hole and return at 6.45pm to submit the cards in time for our presentation at 7.00pm to listen to all the days trials and tribulations, and to further indulge in the delights of our very reasonably priced food and beverages.


Who are you?

We have a large data base of people like you who like to keep informed of society news. We can periodically send you newsletters with information ranging from society rule changes, events, and internal gossip! You can also use this tool to ask us any questions you may have.  Click Here