Oct 292022
Monday, October 17th
1st Paul Smith (3) 32 points
2nd Michael Brett (14) 30 points
3rd Geoff Parker (21) 30 points.
Near pins Ken Davidson, Les Cobban, and Paul Smith.
A magnificent Thailand day for golf to start the week at Pattavia, clear blue sky, brilliant sunshine, and a nice cool breeze to keep the temperature comfortable. The Pattavia course was remarkably dry given recent rain with more run on the fairways than we have seen for months. The greens were curious, very quick down grain, but very slow into the grain, most were caught out by this resulting in very low scores.
As always Paul Smith was in the mix taking first place albeit with a low score of thirty points. Michael Brett took second place on countback from Geoff Parker. Missing out by a point was Ken Davidson on twenty-nine points, although he could console himself with two very tidy tap-in birdies, needless to say being the generous soul that he is Ken rang the bell back at the Sports Lounge. Pattavia is never an easy course so with the wind and the tricky greens scores were not as bad as they might seem.
Wednesday, October 19th
St Andrews. yellow tees.
1st Paul Smith (3) 34 points
2nd Niall Glover ((14) 32 points
3rd Geoff Atwell (23) 31 points
Near pins Paul Smith & Mike Smith
Playing off the yellow tees at over six thousand and eight hundred yards today proved too much for most with yet another round of low scores. Not only was the course too long for most but a stiff breeze made it even more difficult, with some not even making it to the fairways from the tee. Our third group finished a least an hour after the group ahead of them having spent much time looking for balls that hadn’t made it to the fairways. The general consensus was that we should play from the white tees in the future.
The course was in ok condition apart from the greens which were well below what we would expect from a course with such a reputation. The bunkers are continually being improved but still not up to the standard we would expect.
Once again Paul Smith took the honours with a modest score by his standards of thirty-four, nevertheless, he had a round sprinkled with birdies. Second, went to Niall Glover with thirty-two points while the sheriff of Nottingham Forest Geoff Atwell took third a stroke back. Not surprisingly only two near pins were taken with two over two hundred yards long. The Smiths were in the frame here with Paul and Mike taking one each with two going to the delinquent fund a very worthy cause.
Friday, October 21st
Silky Oak
1st Mike Smith (21) 38 points
2nd Travis Lee (16) 37 points
3rs Joe Park (16) 35 points
Near pins Graeme Mullins, Joe Park, Bil Richardson, & Paul Smith X 2.
It looked like we might get a drenching for the first time in weeks and it did rain a little on the first hole, thereafter it was fine all the way.
The Silky Oak course was in decent condition apart from the greens which were a bit bumpy and dry. Scores returned were of a good standard with a breakthrough winner Mike Smith taking first place with a fine thirty-eight points.
Travis Kim made a long-awaited return to take second place a stroke back, no hole-in-one this time although he did manage to birdie the index one hole. His compatriot on debut from Korea, Joe Park took third with thirty-five points. All five near pins were taken with one each to Joe Park, Graeme Mullins, & Bil Richardson, and as usual Paul Smith

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