Nov 112022
Monday, November 7th
Greenwood C & B.
1st Travis Kim (14) 40 points
2nd Jay Mitchell (23) 39 points
3rd Brendon Hartnett (17) 37 points
4th Paul Smith (2) 37 points
5th Niall Glover (14) 34 points
Near pins Paul Smith, Jay Babin, Jay Mitchell, & Gez Williams
A round two dozen, the biggest field so far this year for the first game of the week at Greenwood. Conditions were just about perfect for golf, a course in very good condition, and a most pleasant day weatherwise. One of the side effects of high-season pricing is that many more people and now walking instead of taking carts and getting much-needed exercise. Today’s green and caddie fee of one thousand and fifty baht walking was very reasonable.
For some reason, a few groups got disconnected from those ahead of them and thereby allowed some other groups to jump in between, all of which resulted in a slow round for those in the last groups, the message was clear, keep up with the group in front.
Playing his last game of this tour and having a two-stroke cut in handicap Travis Kim topped the winner’s list with forty points. After a couple of weeks without golf, Jay Mitchell made his return today in fine style taking second place with thirty-nine points. Brendon Hartnett took third place with thirty-seven points off a handicap of seventeen, a cut is in store for Brendon as his UK handicap is believed to be much lower. Paul Smith also had thirty-seven points in fourth place on countback with Niall Glover taking the final place on the leaderboard with thirty-four. The near pins were shared with one each to Jay Babin, Jay Mitchell, Paul Smith, and Gez Williams.
Wednesday, November 9th
Treasure Hill,
1st Kob Glover (20) 40 points
2nd Jay Babin (22) 39 points
3rd Brendon Hartnett (17) 36 points
4th Niall Glover (14) 36 points
5thMike Smith (20) 36 points.
Near pins Dave Ashman, Richard Baldotto, Ken Davidson, & Brendon Hartnett.
Not much to be said about the Treasure Hill course that hasn’t already been said many times before. Whilst in very good condition it is the first course we have seen in a very long time that is starting to turn brown, a good shower of rain would be most beneficial at this time. There was a lot of run on the fairways and the greens were very quick and a bit tricky.
A decent field of twenty was on hand and with a few of our regular drivers absent it was a bit of a squeeze getting everybody to the course, nevertheless, we managed. On a notoriously difficult course where low scores are the norm, we had some of the best scores that anyone can remember, some of the tees were a bit forward of their normal position which no doubt helped. Kob Glover took pride of place at the top of the winner’s list with a fantastic score of forty points.
Jay Babin was just one adrift in second place with a three-point gap to third where we found three locked together on thirty-six points, Once again Brendon Hartnett found himself in the winner’s circle edging out Niall Glover and Mike Smith on countback. If one had a mind to they could smell a rat in the near pin competition with three of the four being taken by the last group, the only one not in the last group was Brendon Hartnett, the remaining pins went to Dave Ashman on his favourite course, Ken Davidson, and Richard Baldotto.
Friday, November 11th
Pattavia Medal.
1st Neil Griffin (28) Net 68
2nd Niall Glover (14) Net 69
3rd Paul Smith (2) Net 70
4th Brendon Hartnett (16) Net 71
5th Neil Chawke (16) Net 71
6th Geoff Parker (21) Net72.
Near pins Brendon Hartnett, Neil Griffin, Dave Ashman, & Michael Brett
A hot and windy day for the last game of the week at Pattavia where a field of thirty rolled up to play, the biggest group in three years. The course was in good condition but the greens were treacherous, very quick and just about every put had some break in it to really test people’s putting skills. Played at a decent pace with most completing the round in about four hours which was acceptable.
Medal format is not to everybody’s taste as just one wayward hole can make a mess of your card, nevertheless, some very good scores were returned. Top of the heap with a very generous handicap Neil Griffin took first place with a net sixty-eight. Niall Glover took second a stroke adrift. Paul Smith is still powering along on his two handicap taking third with a net seventy. Brendon Hartnett has never been out of the winner’s circle since his return and took fourth place with a net seventy-one despite a one stroke in handicap, anothet cut is surely imminent. On debut, Neil Chawke took fifth also on seventy-one and Geoff Parker rounded out the scoring in sixth place with a net seventy-two. All the near pins were again taken with one each going to Brendon Hartnett, Neil Griffin, Dave Ashman, and Michael Brett. Bil Richardson had one of the more unusual rounds of the day with three birdies, two nines, and an eleven-pointer. Our Irish visitors encountered a snake on the course and were heard to ask “where is St Patrick?” when you need him.
Just one week to go to our next away mini trip to Royal Hills and Lam Luka, at this stage we have fourteen confirmed to travel, anyone else wanting to go needs to be quick so transport can be arranged.

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